turbiti is the acniti brand for low pressure nanobubble generators.

Currently there are 6 different product versions of the turbiti nanobubble generator.

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    Turbiti nanobubble mixer

    The turbiti ultrafine bubble generator is a first-class workhorse nanobubble generator. Turbiti has no moving parts so maintenance is minimal, it can be place in the most demanding environments. The nanobubble generator requires a low head pump, so its efficient in energy usage. The Turbiti concept gives you a worry free nanobubble solution generating billions of bubbles for many years.

    Turbiti nanobubble mixer OEM

    Combined with the benefits of a static mixer Acniti has implemented their proprietary swirl flow technology to generate efficiently and effectively nanobubbles. The turbiti OEM series gives dealers and partners the opportunity to implement the turbiti into their own equipment and sell nanobubbles generator equipment under their own brand name. This product is only for dealers and partner of acniti, that have a license agreement and commit to buy certain quantities.

    Turbiti submersible nanobubble mixer

    Large volume submersible ultrafine bubble generator in combination with a dissolved oxygen generator, for aerating effectively lakes, horticulture, fishponds and shrimp cultivation. Aeration is for many biological processes very important the Acniti submersible unit guarantees high DO values for ideal biological activities creating an optimal environment for high production output.

    Turbiti ozone nanobubble mixer OEM

    nano ozone bubbles mixer efficiently dissolves more ozone in water and have a longer ozone residue for improved disinfection

    Turbiti ozone land-based nanobubble mixer

    The ultrafine ozone bubble mixer is a nanobubble generator which is specifically designed for the use with ozone. Research with universities has shown, that ozonated ultrafine bubble water, keeps longer its ozone residue in the water than when it is used only with a venturi also the amount of ozone gassing out is reduced.

    Turbiti O2 land-based nanobubble mixer enhanced aeration technology

    The Turbiti O2 is the multipurpose ultrafine bubble generator suitable for agriculture, horticulture and fish cultivation sites. Super saturation of oxygen for water day storage tanks in horticulture. Drinking water solutions for chicken, cows, pigs and horses, giving high DO water with ultrafine bubbles to animals with enhance their food digestion more efficiently and results in healthier animals.

    Turbiti 737 nano bubble mixer OEM specs

    Turbiti 737 nanobubble mixer OEM specs. Ultrafine bubble generator OEM

    Turbiti 747 nano bubble mixer OEM specs

    Turbiti 747 nanobubble mixer OEM specs. Ultrafine bubble generator OEM

    Turbiti 737 nano bubble mixer specs

    Turbiti 737 nanobubble mixer specifications. Ultrafine bubble mixer 737 specifications

    Turbiti 737 O3 nano bubble mixer OEM specs

    Turbiti 737 O3 nanobubble mixer OEM specs. Ozone Ultrafine bubble specs.

    Turbiti 727 nano bubble mixer OEM specs

    Turbiti 727 nanobubble mixer OEM specs. Ultrafine bubble generator OEM

    Partner Foreport Taiwan: Good results growing young plants with oxygen nanobubbles

    Acniti partner Foreport in Taiwan conducted a vegetables young plant cultivation trial, irrigating with oxygen nanobubbles. The nanobubble irrigation water had a DO of 20 ppm versus the regular irrigation water which had 6.8 ppm. After 6 weeks results were taken it was concluded that the crop treated with nanobubbles was 25-30% heavier. The nanobubble irrigated crop also had a better developed root system which will lead to less root diseases and better survival rates during hot summers.

    Turbiti 737 saltwater nano bubble mixer specs

    Turbiti 737 saltwater nanobubble mixer specifications. Ultrafine bubble mixer 737 specifications

    Turbiti 737 O2 land-based nano bubble mixer specs

    Turbiti 737 O2 land-based nanobubble mixer specs. Ultrafine bubble generator spec sheet

    Turbiti 737 O3 land-based nano bubble mixer specs

    Turbiti 737 O3 land-based nanobubble mixer specifications. Ozone Ultrafine Bubbles

    Submersible nano bubble mixer turbiti 737-O2SU 316L specs

    Specification sheet: Ultrafine bubble mixer submersible turbiti 737unit made from SUS316L

    Testimonial flower grower using turbiti submerisble nanobubble generator

    In Aichi Japan 3 flower growers are interviewed about using the acniti nanobubble generator. The testimonials are recorded in summer of 2019.

    buoy for the submersible UFB mixer

    A buoy for the submersible nano-bubble mixer. In this way its easy to place in the water

    Ozone check valve SUS316L with viton seals

    Gas check valve ozone to avoid water in the ozone generator made from stainless steel 316L with viton seals

    miniGaLF ultrafine bubble generator

    The miniGaLF is an entry level GaLF model designed for companies, universities, research institutes and individuals that want to learn about ultrafine bubble technology.

    Tiny bubbles help flower growers in the hot summer

    Carnation flower growers in Japan use nanobubble irrigation technology against fusarium, withering and dying plants, to improve stem quality, flower size, shoot count, volume of stems and growth speed. In the growing season 2017 / 2018, acniti conducted trials, the test area had irrigation water with billions of ultrafine bubbles of an average size of 110 nm and high DO water with 30 mg/l.

    high concentration nanobubble unit selector

    Selecting a nanobubble generator can be a daunting task when you are new to the technology. In the following article we explain the differences of the various units. This helps you to select the best ultrafin bubble generator for your research, application development or ultrafine bubble production.

    acniti Ultrafine bubbles and Nanobubbles generators

    acniti international marketing and sales organisation for nanobubble generators, equipment.

    Innovative Technologies for ultrafine bubble generation

    There are various technologies to generate nanobubbles (ultrafine bubbles). This article gives an overview of the most used techniques, such as pressurized dissolution, static mixers, and rotational flow.

acniti is specialized in the sales and marketing of ultrafine bubble and nanobubble technology, to accelerate growth.

Bubble technology is the next revolution in water and liquids to change their properties by dissolving gases to enhance biological processes, to innovate cleaning and disinfection in a wide range of applications.



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