lab demonstration miniGaLF

The miniGaLF is ACNITI`s entry level GaLF model designed for companies, universities, research institutes and individuals that want to learn about Ultrafine bubble technology. The miniGaLF provides a lot of possibilities to design your own Ultrafine bubble application as it is easy to fit and retrofit in existing machines and processes. In this blog a movie is shown of the connections and the performance to create ultrafine bubble (nano bubbles) with high DO water.

  • In this movie the miniGaLF is connected to the faucet.
  • A very small oxygen capsule is used as inlet gas, large bottles or a generator can be connected as well. 
  • On front of the unit there is a dial, this dial is connected to a flow controller and needs to be set to 2.0. Fix the dial by locking the lever.
  • In this movie we use a Toledo Pro dissolved oxygen meter, when you want to measure DO check with the supplier if they can measure over 50 ppm as most of the Dissolved Oxygen meters stops at values higher than 50 ppm.
  • Please be aware that an Dissolved Oxygen meter cannot measure ultrafine bubbles. Dissolved oxygen is unbound oxygen molecule in water which these meters can measure. An ultrafine bubble is a gas cavity in the water and will not be detected as dissolved oxygen. To measure bubbles you need other equipment such as a NanoSight.

acniti is a manufacturer of nanobubble equipment and industrial oxygen concentrators. acniti specializes in the sales and marketing of nanobubble technology.

Nanobubble technology is the next revolution in water and liquids to change their properties by dissolving gases to enhance biological processes, to innovate cleaning and disinfection in a wide range of applications.


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