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Grow Tech

Opens-up innovation for agriculture, aquaculture, food processing, cleaning and medical applications. In the grow-tech applications, mostly super aeration with oxygen nanobubbles is done. Examples of applications are fish cultivation, plant cultivation, golf and turf grass improvement, soil remediation.

Clean Tech

Highest concentration of fine bubbles! In the clean-tech applications, acniti mostly work with ozone and CO2 to achieve disinfection or pH changes in water. Examples of projects acniti does in clean-tech are lake and pond management, swimming pools, car wash, waste water treatment.

Hydrogen & Health Tech

Bubble generators available with low volume of water and high concentration of bubbles. Applications for hydrogen water, hydrogen inhalation therapy, drinking water, fish transport, vegetable washing and fermentation.

Science & Tech

Wide product-portfolio of nanobubble generators. Science papers in cooperation with universities.

acniti bubble

acniti is a manufacturer of nanobubble equipment and industrial oxygen concentrators. acniti specializes in the sales and marketing of nanobubble technology.

Nanobubble technology is the next revolution in water and liquids to change their properties by dissolving gases to enhance biological processes, to innovate cleaning and disinfection in a wide range of applications.



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