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Acniti is dedicated to nanotechnology solutions for gasses in water. Nanotechnology is the crossroad between chemistry, biology physics and engineering. Acniti has technologies to make nanobubbles in water with these bubbles we are able to change the properties of water. Many scientists talk about Ultrafine bubbles (UFB) but most people know these as nanobubbles. Nanobubble generators improve dissolved gas levels in water by super saturation, nanobubbles are miniscule gas cavities in water which further improve the gas content. The nanobubbles can be applied to many industries and applications. Acniti focuses on 4 broad application themes: so, called grow-tech, clean-tech, hydrogen & health tech and research and science.

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In the past 5 years, acniti exported their products to more than 50 countries. Most of the projects in the startup phase were installed and implemented by acniti. In our product development we strive towards easy installation and operation so partners, dealers and customers with enough technical background can install products by themselves without any hassle. For 2021 acniti has put the focus on developing further their partner and dealer network. Acniti has a two tier approach towards partners and dealers, one is by geographical location and the other is by market segment. Depending on the market and market size, we can make an agreement what's best for the customers and the market. When you are interested in becoming an acniti partner, please contact us.

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When a project requires a nanobubble generator, two aspects are of importance to select the correct unit. One the amount of water that needs to be treated. Two, the amount of gas that needs to be dissolved in the liquid and the concentration of bubbles required in the water. Acniti offers two product lines of nanobubble generators, the turbiti high volume, enhanced DO nanobubble generators and the GaLF high concentration low water volume generators. Besides the two ultrafine bubble generators lines, acniti offers conventional milli bubble technology The turbiti series is the most popular series as they are economically priced and due to the low-pressure technology energy costs to operate the systems are low.

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