Turbiti ozone nanobubble mixer OEM

Turbiti ozone nanobubble mixer OEM

OEM version of the ozone nanobubble mixer
ozone ultrafine bubbles are created with a swirl flow static mixer technology
flexible installation for your own tailored solutions
available to acniti dealers and partners
ultrafine ozone bubble generation ~ 100 nm bubble size
produces billions of ozone nanobubbles
ultrafine ozone bubbles stay in solution longer, maintaining longer ozone residual
enhanced technology to hold gas better in solution

Turbiti ozone nanobubble mixer OEM specifications


acniti is specialized in the sales and marketing of ultrafine bubble and nanobubble technology, to accelerate growth.

Bubble technology is the next revolution in water and liquids to change their properties by dissolving gases to enhance biological processes, to innovate cleaning and disinfection in a wide range of applications.



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