ultrafineGaLF high-concentration

ultrafineGaLF high-concentration

The ultrafine GaLF high concentration model, is equipped with IDEC latest bubble generator technology generating the highest concentration of ultrafine bubbles in the industry.

The unit can run on all kinds of gases such as oxygen, carbondioxide and nitrogene, as special version for corrosive gases is available.

Suitable for universities and research stations that require high concentrations of ultrafine bubbles.

GaLF stands for Gas Liquid Foam, its a pressurised mixing technology, to create ultrafine bubbles. The technology is invented and patented by IDEC. The IDEC GaLF technology succeeds in generating over one billion stable bubbles per milliliter in water that are as tiny as 100 nm or less than 1 micron in diameter. Using this ultrafine bubble water can help biological processes in plants and fish. The fine bubbles are negatively charged which strengthen waters ability to better clean and remove contaminants.

ultrafineGaLF high-concentration specifications


acniti is specialized in the sales and marketing of ultrafine bubble and nanobubble technology, to accelerate growth.

Bubble technology is the next revolution in water and liquids to change their properties by dissolving gases to enhance biological processes, to innovate cleaning and disinfection in a wide range of applications.

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