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  • ultrafineGaLF high concentration model ultrafine bubble generator

The high-concentration GaLF is an ultrafine bubbles or nanobubbles generator that is producing the highest concentration of bubbles in the Finebubble industry. This flexible unit can be used with Oxygen, Air, CO2 and Nitrogen gas. The unit can be used by researchers, universities and laboratories that need a high concentration of nanobubbles for fundamental research. The high-concentration GaLF has an on-board PLC which controls pressure settings and flow, resulting in the maximum performance in the generation of ultrafine bubbles. The start and stop times can be set on the PLC also it has the option to connect an external sensor, such as a DO sensor or the ALT-9F17 Ultrafine Bubble Monitoring. That regulates the starts and stops depending on the bubble concentration.

The high-concentration GaLF can be used for general product development and for fundamental research with liquids and gas. The unit is easy to operate, has a compact design and is built from top quality components in a steel cabinet. This robust unit has a flow of 17 liters per minute, around 4.4 gallons. After development, when there is a desire to upgrade to larger volumes for production or large-scale application, acniti supplies the blenderGaLF. The blenderGaLF is available in 5 different sizes, of which the 100 and 200 liter per minute.

GaLF stands for Gas Liquid Foam, it’s a pressurized mixing technology, to create ultrafine bubbles. The technology is invented and patented by IDEC. The IDEC GaLF technology succeeds in generating over one billion stable bubbles per milliliter in water that are as tiny as 100 nm or less than 1 micron in diameter. Using this ultrafine bubble water can help biological processes in plants and fish. The fine bubbles are negatively charged, which strengthen water's ability to better clean and remove contaminants.

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ultrafine GaLF high-concentration nanobubble generator

  • The ultrafine GaLF high concentration model, is equipped with IDEC latest bubble generator technology generating the highest concentration of ultrafine bubbles in the industry.
  • The unit can run on all kinds of gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen.
  • Suitable for universities and research stations that require high concentrations of ultrafine bubbles.
  • Scale up production easily with the blenderGaLF


Model namehigh-concentrationGaLF
Model numberFZ1N-10
Flow / minute 17 Liter4 Gallon
Flow / hour 1.0 M335.4 CF
water temperature minimum0 ℃32 ℉
water temperature maximum50 ℃122 ℉
Strainer availability and sizeYes 400 μm
Recommended inlet filter(s)Small pump inlet filter series
Ambient temperature minimum0 ℃32 ℉
Ambient temperature maximum45 ℃113 ℉
Relative humidity minimum45 %45 %
Relative humidity maximum85 %85 %
Flow / minute0.8 Liter0.2 Gallon
Flow / hour51 Liter13 Gallon
Pressure 0.001 kPa0 PSI
Gas qualityDo not use corrosive gases. Use of Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen or Ambient Air is allowed.
Unit phase Ø voltage1 Ø 100 ~ 120 VAC
Unit power consumption2000 watts
Wetted partsSUS304, SUS303, SUS316, SCS13, SCS14, SUS630, PP Nylon, PFE, EPDM, SiC, PTFE, NBR
Pump modelGrundfos CRN1-15-A-FGJ-G-V-HQQV
Pump phase Ø voltage3 Ø 200-240 D/380-415 Y V
Pump motor 50Hz750 Watt1.0 hp
Pump head 50Hz69.6 Meter228 ft
Pump suction methodVertical multistage centrifugal pump
Pump pressure settingAutomatic
Water inlet25A hose connector ~ 1"
Water outlet20A hose connector ~ 3/4"
Gas inlet10 mm push to connect fitting or 3/8" on request
Dimensions & weightMetricImperial
Dim. (w) x (d) x (h)600 x 600 x 1100 mm23.6 x 23.6 x 43.3 inch
weight100 Kg220.5 lbs.
Shipping dim. (w)x(d)x(h)80 x 80 x 130 cm31 x 31 x 51 inch
Shipping weight120 Kg265 lbs.
  • Unit has 3 drain connections
  • Indoor use only

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