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  • miniGaLF ultrafine bubble generator
  • miniGaLF water tank 20 liter


The miniGaLF is an entry level GaLF model designed for companies, universities, research institutes and individuals that want to learn about ultrafine bubble technology. The miniGaLF provides a lot of possibilities to design your own ultrafine bubble application, as it is easy to fit and retrofit in existing machines and processes. In the simplest setup, just connect the miniGaLF to your water tap and add a gas source either from a compressor or a gas cylinder and you are ready to go. In the more advanced setup, you can add a recirculation system to achieve higher concentrations of ultrafine bubble water, which we call -Plus as an option. The -Plus version has a check valve and a pump. Read the blog post about the miniGaLF -Plus version for more information how to integrate the unit with a pump.

Easy to install and use

The nanobubble unit is the most popular model. The miniGaLF comes with a power adapter from 115 Volts to 230 Volts, so it always matches the local power in your office or home. When you want to connect the miniGaLF to a faucet, check if the water supply is at least 7.5 liters / minute. Test this by running the faucet for 1 minute and collect the water in a bucket and measure the volume.

More options

When you require to working with ozone, or don't want turbulence, check out our microStar.

Besides the miniGaLF, Acniti provides other GaLF models such as agriGaLF, high-concentration GaLF, and custom-built units. When larger volumes of liquids are required please consider the agriGaLF as this is our high-volume solution or the turbiti UFB Mixers for lake pond or seawater treatment. For researchers and product developers, that require the highest density of bubbles Acniti provides the high-concentration GaLF, this top model delivers the smallest bubble size with the highest concentration of ultrafine bubbles in the industry.

ultrafine miniGaLF nanobubble generator

  • compact design, small footprint
  • Direct connection to faucet
  • miniGaLF Plus: expand the unit with a pump, to recirculate water and generate high concentrated bubble water.
  • efficient gas dissolution
  • 18 liter Plexiglass water tank available.


Model nameminiGaLF UFB
Model numberFZ1N-04FB
Flow / minute 7.5 Liter2.0 Gallon
Flow / hour 450 Liter119 Gallon
water temperature minimum0 ℃32 ℉
water temperature maximum50 ℃122 ℉
Strainer availability and sizeNo strainer (Remark minimum water pressure miniGaLF 300kPa, or 43.5 psi)
Recommended inlet filter(s)Small pump inlet filter series
Ambient temperature minimum0 ℃32 ℉
Ambient temperature maximum40 ℃104 ℉
Relative humidity minimum45 %45 %
Relative humidity maximum85 %85 %
Minimum flow / minute0.3 Liter0.1 Gallon
Maximum flow / minute0.4 Liter0.1 Gallon
Minimum flow / hour18 Liter4.8 Gallon
Maximum flow / hour24 Liter6.3 Gallon
Pressure minimum 100 kPa15 PSI
Pressure maximum 300 kPa44 PSI
Gas qualityDo not use corrosive gases. Use of Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen or Ambient Air is allowed.
Gas remarkGas intake time 5 seconds. Produce bubbles time 50 seconds.
Unit phase Ø voltage1 Ø 100 ~ 240 VAC
Unit power consumption65 watts
Wetted partsSUS304, Nylon, Copper, PVC
Water inletRc 1/2"
Water outletRC 1/2
Gas inletRC 1/4
Dimensions & weightMetricImperial
Dim. (w) x (d) x (h)175 x 320 x 142 mm6.9 x 12.6 x 5.6 inch
weight6.9 Kg15.2 lbs.
Shipping dim. (w)x(d)x(h)32 x 34 x 42 cm13 x 13 x 17 inch
Shipping weight8.5 Kg19 lbs.
  • Remark minimum water pressure miniGaLF 300kPa, or 43.5 psi

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