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  • ultrafineGaLF standard model ultrafine bubble generator

The IDEC GaLF technology succeeds in generating one billion stable bubbles per milliliter in water that are as tiny as 100 nm or less than 1 micron in diameter. Using this ultrafine bubble water can help biological processes in plants and fish.

Besides the improved ultrafineGaLF standard lab model, IDEC provides other GaLF models such as agriGaLF, ultrafineGaLF High Concentration, and the miniGaLF. The miniGaLF is IDEC`s entry level GaLF model designed for companies, universities, research institutes and people who want to learn about ultrafine bubble technology. For production of larger volumes of liquids please consider the agriGaLF as this is the high-volume solution or the turbiti nanobubble mixer for lake pond or seawater treatment. For researchers and product developers, that need the highest density of bubbles IDEC provides the ultrafineGaLF high concentration, this is the top model delivering the smallest bubble size with the highest concentration of ultrafine bubbles in the industry.

ultrafine GaLF standard nanobubble generator

  • Generates ultrafine bubbles easily
  • compact size - can fit under a desk in a laboratory
  • Superior features in compact size
  • Ultrafine bubbles have a diameter of 100 to 200 nm
  • Ultrafine bubble concentration of 200 to 300 million / ml or more
  • Automatic air suction inlet, no compressor required
  • Inlet available for inert gasses such as nitrogen


Model nameultrafineGaLF standard
Model numberFZ1N-05S
Flow / minute 50 Hz8.0 Liter2.1 Gallon
Flow / minute 60 Hz9.0 Liter2.4 Gallon
Flow / hour 50 Hz480 Liter127 Gallon
Flow / hour 60 Hz540 Liter143 Gallon
water temperature minimum0 ℃32 ℉
water temperature maximum50 ℃122 ℉
Strainer availability and sizeYes 400 μm
Recommended inlet filter(s)Small pump inlet filter series
Ambient temperature minimum0 ℃32 ℉
Ambient temperature maximum40 ℃104 ℉
Relative humidity minimum45 %45 %
Relative humidity maximum85 %85 %
Flow / minute0.5 Liter0.1 Gallon
Flow / minute0.6 Liter0.2 Gallon
Flow / hour30 Liter7.9 Gallon
Flow / hour36 Liter9.5 Gallon
Pressure 50 Hz0.001 kPa0 PSI
Pressure 60 Hz0.001 kPa0 PSI
Gas qualityDo not use corrosive gases. Use of Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen or Ambient Air is allowed.
Unit phase Ø voltage1Ø 100 VAC
Unit power consumption1000 watts
Wetted partsStainless steel SUS304
Pump modelAsahi Kogyo APH-31-CA
Pump phase Ø voltage1 Ø 100 VAC 50/60Hz
Water inlet1/2 inch, 15A
Water outlet1/2 inch, 15A
Dimensions & weightMetricImperial
Dim. (w) x (d) x (h)300 x 360 x 543 mm11.8 x 14.2 x 21.4 inch
weight30 Kg66.1 lbs.