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  • ozone nanobubble mixer turbiti O3 838

Ozone nanobubble equipment

The ultrafine ozone bubble mixer is a nanobubble generator which is specifically designed for the use with ozone. Ozone is a powerful oxidant and has many industrial and consumer applications related to oxidation. The main application for ozone is disinfection, but ozone can also be used as a decolorizer, deodorizer, detoxifier, precipitant, coagulant and for removing tastes.

As nanobubbles become more mainstream, our clients have a need for an easy and safe setup for working with ozone gas. The ozone mixer unit contains a nanobubble mixer with a venturi which takes in the ozone under vacuum. The venturi is considered safe and commonly used in the industry to inject ozone into water. After the venturi has injected the ozone, the water and gas jointly get into the nanobubble mixer, where the ozone bubbles are generated.


Research with universities has shown, that ozonated nanobubble water, keeps longer its ozone residue in the water than when it is used only with a venturi also the amount of ozone gassing out is reduced.


The ozone nanobubble generator is suitable for many clean tech applications, especially when longer ozone exposure is required.

  • Disinfection for water installations of greenhouses and hydroponics.
  • Disinfection for drinking water for livestock, cattle, pork, pigs, poultry, chicken.
  • Ozonation for wastewater installations.

The installation of the ozone nanobubble mixer is simple by connecting the water inlet and outlet and connect the ozone gas inlet tube. The unit itself doesn't require any power.

Turbiti ozone wall mounted nanobubble mixer with enhanced aeration technology

  • Clean Tech – chemical free cleaning solutions
  • more efficient mass transfer of ozone and higher concentrations of dissolved ozone compared to using a venturi
  • maximizing the ozone surface area-to-volume ratio
  • use a stimulus and create a hydroxyl radical attack from ozone
  • enhanced ozonation by using the ozone nanobubbles mixer
  • use for disinfection of drinking water for animals



Model nameTurbiti 838 O3 wall mounted
Model numberturbiti_838_wallmount_galvanized-box
Minimum flow / minute 150 Liter40 Gallon
Maximum flow / minute 400 Liter106 Gallon
Minimum flow / hour 9.0 M3317.8 CF
Maximum flow / hour 24 M3848 CF
water temperature minimum-20 ℃-4 ℉
water temperature maximum50 ℃122 ℉
Strainer availability and sizeNo strainer, strainer required when particles larger than 1 or 2 mm.
Recommended inlet filter(s)Medium pump inlet filter series
Ambient temperature minimum-20 ℃-4 ℉
Ambient temperature maximum50 ℃122 ℉
Relative humidity minimum1 %1 %
Relative humidity maximum100 %100 %
Minimum flow / minute5.0 Liter1.3 Gallon
Maximum flow / minute8.0 Liter2.1 Gallon
Minimum flow / hour300 Liter79 Gallon
Maximum flow / hour480 Liter127 Gallon
Pressure minimum 100 kPa15 PSI
Pressure maximum 350 kPa51 PSI
Gas qualitySuitable for ozone
Gas remarkSafe ozone injection via a venturi under vacuum
Unit power consumptionNo pump included with this product. Estimated power consumption 750-1000 watts.
Wetted partsPVC, SUS304, SUS316, PVDF, EPDM, Silicon, Viton, PPS, FKM
ControlManual control with diaphragm valve to set venturi-vacuum accompanied with a vacuum gauge
Water inletRc 2", inner thread
Water outletRc 1", inner thread
Gas inletsilicone hose 5x9mm (inner x outer diameter hose)
Dimensions & weightMetricImperial
Dim. (w) x (d) x (h)650 x 270 x 1014 mm25.6 x 10.6 x 39.9 inch
weight42 Kg92.6 lbs.
Shipping dim. (w)x(d)x(h)67 x 37 x 107 cm26 x 15 x 42 inch
Shipping weight47 Kg104 lbs.

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