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Biostimulants or probiotics are biologically derived fertilizer additives and similar products that are used in crop production to enhance plant growth, health and productivity. Different from pesticides which are used after a disease outbreak biostimulants are taking preventive action, by changing the environment so sickening pathogens cannot flourish.


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  1. acniti agriculture probiotics competes with sickening microorganisms. The various bacterial species in tablet form remove the source of food for the sickening bacteria. The effervescent tablets should be dissolved in water.

  2. Water is one of the fundamental components of life. A large part of living cells is made up of water. Birds need twice as much water as the food they eat. To satisfy the need for water in poultry and birds, you must make water freely available to them. Note that the unavailability and limitation of water consumed by poultry slows down their growth. The water used in poultry feeding should not contain parasites, bacteria, pollution or chemicals, and fresh and clean drinking water must be provided. Bacterial agents are one of the most common water-borne infections. Drinking contaminated and untreated water can cause huge losses in the poultry industry. Using chemicals and antibiotics to disinfect drinking water can cause health problems and drug resistance in chickens. In the last decade, researchers have tried to find a suitable alternative to disinfect and improve the quality of drinking water for farm animals, especially chickens. One of the most available and best options is oxygen-nanobubbles water. By providing oxygen- nanobubbles water, the growth and development of chickens increases, and on the other hand, it enhances their resistance against microbial infections. In this article, we evaluate the benefits of oxygen-nanobubbles water in the poultry industry.

  3. Algae blooms are often a reason to start pond remediation. Probiotics in combination with ultra-fine bubbles can increase the efficiency of the wastewater treatment process. Acniti supplies probiotics in tablet form an easy and safe way to dose and apply the beneficial bacteria.