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What are water treatment probiotics


Acniti recognize that the efficiency and effectiveness of water treatment could be improved by increasing the number of bacteria that contributes to the wastewater treatment process. Probiotic bacteria are dependent on dissolved oxygen in water to live and the higher the dissolved oxygen content the more efficient they work. For this reason, it's important to combine the water treatment process with nano bubbles to provide a healthy environment for a top performance of the water treatment bacteria.

Pond remediation

Algae blooms are often a reason to start pond remediation, as a typical phenomenon of the marine ecological environment. Algae blooms have a complex relationship with the meteorological, hydro-logical, marine biological and chemical conditions of a pond. Once an algae bloom has been established in a pool the dissolved gasses are in disorder. Algae cause an increase in pH in water due to the consumption of CO2. During the night algae consume more Oxygen than what is produced during daytime the photosynthetic period. When you measure the DO content in a pond or lake it's important to do this just before sunrise the DO levels are at that time the lowest. As soon as the sun rises photosynthetic activity starts and oxygen levels increase.

Wastewater treatment

As urban populations grow and capital investments in new infrastructure fail to keep pace, many wastewater treatment plants are overloaded. Increased waste volumes and greater waste complexity have left many plants unable to meet today’s tougher effluent requirements. This can result in penalties, fines and surcharges for facility operators and the release of badly treated wastewater into the environment.

In general, industrial wastewater has a high content of organic matter, the levels are often so high that treatment is required. Bio-remediation is done by selecting specific micro-organisms to grow on pollutants to reduce the level of these pollutants. During the bio-remediation process, enzymes produced by micro-organisms modify the structure of toxic pollutants into less complex structures so that it become harmless metabolites. Due to the high amount of organic content in the water, the gas content in the water is in disorder making biologic remediation difficult. To re-establish life in the water, aeration is important.

Nanobubbles to restore the gas content

The disorder of dissolved gasses such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxides of nitrogen and oxides of sulfur has a significant effect on the quality of water. Ultrafine bubbles help to restore the gas disorder in a pond or wastewater treatment plant. Probiotics, the good bacteria aid restoring the nutrient balance in water. The effective bacteria can only work efficiently when there is no disorder in the gas content and sufficient dissolved oxygen is available for their metabolism.

How do acniti water treatment probiotics function

Bacteria can take up nutrients faster and grow more rapidly than algae and aquatic weeds. Bacteria out-compete algae and weeds for available food. The by-products of this natural water clearing process are water, carbon dioxide and bacterial biomass. Bacterial biomass is protein rich. In a pond with fish or invertebrates such as snails or crayfish there is very little accumulation of bacteria, because the animals eat the microbial biomass. The phosphorous, which is the major cause of excessive amounts of algae and aquatic weeds, is channeled into the fauna's food web and thus less available to the algae. The probiotics can grow faster than pathogens leaving little niche space available for the undesirable strains. This is called competitive exclusion.

Able to treat

All products contain natural, safe organisms. The various applications are:

  1. Household use (septic, water lines)
  2. Domestic and industrial wastewater
  3. Industrial Use Reduced BOD & COD
  4. Irrigation pipelines agriculture
  5. Wastewater (Horticulture)
  6. Hydroponics (Horticulture)
  7. River channels & ponds (against algae growth)
  8. Shrimp and fish farms
  9. Shipping sanitary
  10. Water purification plants
  11. Food industry / Food processing facilities
  12. Aerobic and facultative lagoons
  13. System startup and recovery
  14. Breaks down pesticides & Chemicals
  15. Restoration of rivers, lakes and ponds

The exclusive line of high concentrated tablets is easy to handle and environmental friendly.


  1. Improves effluent water quality: lowers BOD and COD
  2. Improves clarity and settling of solids
  3. Digests hydrocarbons, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides
  4. Reduces sludge production and helps prevent bulking
  5. Improves WWTP stability and hot and cold weather performance
  6. Reduces odors
  7. Reduces or eliminates fines and surcharges
  8. Accelerates system startup and recovery

Water Treatment

  • Efficient and effective water treatment process by combining Ultrafine bubbles and beneficial micro-organisms
  • Nanobubbles restore the dissolved gas disorder caused by algae blooms
  • Probiotics beneficial bacteria out-compete the algae for food
  • Probiotics Bioremediation: Ability to remove high content of organic matter
  • Environmentally friendly product in tablet for which is easy to handle
  • Improves effluent water quality: lowers BOD and COD
  • Reduces odors