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  1. Manoa lettuce is a lettuce variety susceptible to tipburn. Tipburn is the drying and dying of leaf tissue along the edges of the leaf. During a test at a grower in Hawaii it was shown that by increasing the DO levels and adding ultrafine bubbles, reduction of tipburn is realized and quality and production improvements are made.

  2. Small inlet filter series is the smallest self-cleaning inlet filter (strainer). It filters from 30 to 90 liters / minute and is designed to protect pumps and other equipment. This robust and reliable filter is easy to install. It's compact, lightweight and has simple connections. Great for gardens and light industrial applications where there is a need to filter water. The strainer uses 20 - 25% of the pump's output drive the internal back washing rotor, cleaning the whole screen every ½ second. Debris, wildlife and suspended solids are kept clear of the filter mesh.

  3. Benefits probiotics Aquaculture

  4. Oxiti industrial oxygen concentrator with high quality components from Japan and America, built in a rugged design aluminium casing. The concentrator uses pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology and produces 8 liter per minute of oxygen. This unit gives peace of mind and many hours of stable oxygen production.

  5. The turbiti nanobubble generator is a first-class workhorse. Turbiti can be placed in the most demanding environments. The nanobubble generator requires a low head pump, so it's efficient in energy usage. Combined with the benefits of a static mixer, Acniti has implemented their proprietary swirl flow technology to generate efficiently and effectively nanobubbles. The turbiti OEM series gives dealers and partners the opportunity to implement the turbiti into their own equipment. The Turbiti concept gives you a worry free nanobubble solution.