Acniti developed a multifunctional nanobubble water system for poultry farms and broilers. The system consists of an ozone oxygen concentrator. The unit can either give oxygen or can be switched to ozone. The benefit of this solution is that during the cleaning and disinfection cycle ozone nanobubbles are pumped through the water lines to disinfect them from any contaminants. During the growth stages oxygenated nanobubble water is fed to have the benefits of oxygenated nanobubble water.

The nanobubble generator is a wall mounted model and when the pump specs are sufficient the existing pump can be used. When the current pump is insufficient one opt for a free standing pump-skid this is the nanobubble generator combined with a pump. Contact us for more information to size your system.


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  1. Water is one of the fundamental components of life. A large part of living cells is made up of water. Birds need twice as much water as the food they eat. To satisfy the need for water in poultry and birds, you must make water freely available to them. Note that the unavailability and limitation of water consumed by poultry slows down their growth. The water used in poultry feeding should not contain parasites, bacteria, pollution or chemicals, and fresh and clean drinking water must be provided. Bacterial agents are one of the most common water-borne infections. Drinking contaminated and untreated water can cause huge losses in the poultry industry. Using chemicals and antibiotics to disinfect drinking water can cause health problems and drug resistance in chickens. In the last decade, researchers have tried to find a suitable alternative to disinfect and improve the quality of drinking water for farm animals, especially chickens. One of the most available and best options is oxygen-nanobubbles water. By providing oxygen- nanobubbles water, the growth and development of chickens increases, and on the other hand, it enhances their resistance against microbial infections. In this article, we evaluate the benefits of oxygen-nanobubbles water in the poultry industry.

  2. The turbiti nanobubble generator is a first-class workhorse. Turbiti can be placed in the most demanding environments. The nanobubble generator requires a low head pump, so it's efficient in energy usage. Combined with the benefits of a static mixer, Acniti has implemented their proprietary swirl flow technology to generate efficiently and effectively nanobubbles. The turbiti OEM series gives dealers and partners the opportunity to implement the turbiti into their own equipment. The Turbiti concept gives you a worry free nanobubble solution.

  3. The ozone nanobubble mixer is a nanobubble generator which is specifically designed for the use with ozone. Research with universities has shown, that ozonated nanobubble water, keeps longer its ozone residue in the water than when it is used only with a venturi also the amount of ozone gassing out is reduced.

  4. Selecting a nanobubble generator can be a daunting task when you are new to the technology. In the following article we explain the differences of the various units. This helps you to select the best nanobubble generator for your research, application development or ultrafine bubble production.