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Swim Puriti with commercial oxygen concentrator

The Swim Puriti Ozone system consists of two components. The Swim Puriti unit and a commercial rated oxygen concentrator with built-in Ozone generator. The Oxygen concentrator produces up to 95% pure oxygen in the oxygen mode and 5g/h of Ozone when in the Ozone operating mode. The Ozone generating unit can be upgraded in 2 more sizes according to the pool size. With nanobubbles, ozonized water will be another contribution to a more environmentally friendly pool water control system.

Fits in existing installations

The Swim Puriti can easily be adapted to an existing or new recirculation system in swimming pools. A by-pass loop is created right after the pool or spa filter and heater. Using PVC plumbing. The injection point of gas is directed downstream after the pool heater on the final return line back to the pool. The Swim Puriti Ozone can be integrated without having to re-plumb the system. A great way to experience a new concept of your pool life.

Swim puriti O3 nanobubble mixer



    Model nameSwim puriti 838 O3 nano bubble
    Model numberturbiti_838_wallmount_galvanized-box_swim-puriti
    Minimum flow / minute 100 Liter26 Gallon
    Maximum flow / minute 250 Liter66 Gallon
    Minimum flow / hour 6.0 M3211.9 CF
    Maximum flow / hour 15 M3530 CF
    water temperature minimum-20 ℃-4 ℉
    water temperature maximum50 ℃122 ℉
    Minimum flow / minute5.0 Liter1.3 Gallon
    Maximum flow / minute8.0 Liter2.1 Gallon
    Minimum flow / hour300 Liter79 Gallon
    Maximum flow / hour480 Liter127 Gallon
    Pressure minimum 50 kPa7 PSI
    Pressure maximum 350 kPa51 PSI
    Wetted partsPVC, SUS304, SUS316, PVDF, EPDM, Silicone, Viton
    Water inletRc 2", inner thread
    Water outletRc 1", inner thread
    Gas inletsilicone hose 5x9mm (inner x outer diameter hose)

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