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1 Model name Sensor sample pump standard Sensor sample pump standard
2 Model number sensor_sample_pump_standard sensor_sample_pump_standard
3 Gas remark in stock in stock

Small DC diaphragm pump for constantly feeding ultrafine bubble monitoring water. This small pump can be used in combination with the ALT 9F17 for sampling water into the nanobubble monitoring system. The pump has a 6 mm in and outlet and directly connect to the ALT. Alternatively, a micro bubble removal filter can be installed between the pump and the ALT.


  • Specification: EPDM for air / liquid
  • Size: φ 27 x 61.8 mm (excluding protrusions)
  • Connection port: OD φ 4 x .. mm
  • Weight: g
  • Rated voltage (V): 100 ~ 240 Volt
  • Air flow rate (L / min or more): 0.4
  • Liquid flow rate (mL / min or more): 250
  • Vacuum reaching degree (kPa or more): - 45
  • Maximum pressure (kPa or more): 80
  • Packing size: .. x .. x .. mm  
  • Shipping weight g

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