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1 Model name CX-100II Dissolved Matter Detector CX-100II Dissolved Matter Detector
2 Model number CX-100II CX-100II
3 water temperature minimum 4 ℃ 39 ℉
4 water temperature maximum 30 ℃ 86 ℉
Dimensions & weightMetricImperial
5 Dim. (w) x (d) x (h) 225 x 105 x 240 mm 8.9 x 4.1 x 9.4 inch
6 weight 2 Kg 4.4 lbs.
7 Other remarks
  • It is very small and lightweight and suitable for on-site measurement.

  • Since it is aerated in a closed container, it can measure even low concentrations with high sensitivity.

  • Calibration (standard solution) is not required during measurement

  • The sample collection volume is as small as 10 or 50 mL.

  • There is no need for temperature compensation, and measurement variations among operators have been reduced.

  • Almost unaffected by coexisting substances in the sample.

  • The cleaning filter is not affected by ambient gas.

  • Dissolved ozone, trichlorethylene, tetrachlorethylene, dissolved sulfide, and ammonia can be measured simply by changing the detector tube.

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