Demonstration submersible UFB Mixer

  • Published: Friday, 5 January 2018
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  • Modified: Thursday, 8 November 2018

The UFB mixer submersible is a, complete unit with the low-pressure mixing valve technique that effectively and efficiently saturates liquids with gases over 5 times the levels of conventional technologies. The unit in the movie is the the UFB mixer submersible 120 and moves 113 liters of water per minute and dissolves 4 liters of oxygen per minute creating a high DO content and ultrafine bubbles in the water. There is also a larger version available the UFB mixer submersible 250.

Installing the unit is easy:

  • Place the unit in the water, when the water is very deep use a buoy, and submerse the top of the unit 30 cm / 12" underwater. Don't submerse the unit too deep as water pressure increases and performance will be reduced.
  • Connect the power cable from the submersible pump which located inside the UFB mixer. The submersible pump is either 1phase 220 volt 50 Hz or 115 volt 60 Hz
  • Connect the gas source with a gas hose, 10 mm or 3/8". Place a gas flow meter to set the gas volume. When using a gas bottle, a one-way gas valve is not required, when using an oxygen concentrator connect a one-way valve to avoid water flowing into the unit. The gas hose, the gas flow meter and one-way valve are all included in the unit.
  • Start the unit by turning on the pump and the oxygen source.


acniti UFB mixer submersible unit

Submersible Ultrafine bubble mixer

To treat large volume of water with ultrafine bubbles.



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