Oxiti Ozon generator

Oxiti Ozon: Ozongenerator met zuurstof unit

Ozongascontactdeel is metaalvrij
ozonconcentratie eenvoudig aan te passen met de volumeknop op het voorpaneel
Methode voor het genereren van ozon: diëlektrische ontladingsmethode;

Combined O3 and O2 production

The Acniti Oxiti ozone generator is an air-cooled ozone generation unit that generates 5 gram ozone per hour. Oxygen as a raw material is required to produce a high-concentration ozone gas. The Oxiti ozone generator has a built-in oxygen concentrator and therefor guaranties an optimal ozone output. The combined oxygen and ozone generator is compact and can generate ozone immediately. The unit has a switch which can stop ozone production, so only 90% plus oxygen is produced. The ozone generator is build from the best materials such as glass titanium and fluoroplastics, thus the ozone gas doesn't come in contact with any metals, it's free from any metal ions.


Usage and Industries

The oxygen generator with incorporated ozone generator is excellent for research applications where ozone needs to be produced without any contamination. The oxiti ozone can also be used as an ozone supply source for incorporation into water treatment equipment. The principal feature of Oxiti ozone is it can generate high-concentration ozone at a low flow rate. Due to this feature, it is possible to combine it with micro and nanobubble devices and to enable efficient ozone water generation. Acniti can also supply nanobubble generators suitable for ozone gas, check our microStar ozone nanobubble generator or Turbiti ozone and Turbiti land-based nanobubble mixer.


High-quality materials

The Oxiti ozone generator has a quartz glass tube ozone cell which is sturdy, hard and compact, complemented with titanium wires to produce ozone. The quartz glass generator has a service life of 16,000 hours, compare that with a ceramic plate ozone generator which only lasts 3,000 to 5,000 hours. Apart from the glass titanium dielectric tube the tubing and fittings are made from fluoroplastics, the tubing is made from FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) and fittings from PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene).

Oxiti Ozon generator specificatie 4 modellen



acniti microstar nanobubbel generator

hamermolen rotatie nanobellengenerator

ozon nano bubbel mixer OEM, voorkant

Turbiti ozon nanobellenmixer OEM

ozon nano bubbelmixer turbiti O3 737

Turbiti O3 op het land gebaseerde nanobellenmixer


acniti is een fabrikant van nanobubbelapparatuur en industriële zuurstofconcentratoren. acniti is gespecialiseerd in de verkoop en marketing van nanobubbeltechnologie.

Nano Bubbel technologie is de volgende revolutie in water en vloeistoffen om hun eigenschappen te veranderen door gassen op te lossen, ter verbetering van biologische processen, innoveren van reiniging en desinfectie in een breed scala van toepassingen.



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