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  • Turbiti O2 nanobubble pumpskid generator
  • Turbiti 747 O2 nanobubble generator pump skid Ebara
  • Turbiti 737 O2 nanobubble generator pump skid Grundfos

The pump skid nanobubble generator is a complete set, easy to install ready to go.


Pump options

Acniti offers the Ebara DWO and Ebara 3M pump series for the pump skid. The DWO series has an open impeller and is suitable to pump suspended solids in liquid and dirty water, handling spherical solids up to 19 mm. The Ebara 3M is a stainless steel pump suitable for agriculture or aquaculture applications, pumping clean water energy efficient.

Turbiti nanobubbles pump skid

  • easy to implement in existing installations
  • efficient gas dissolution and nanobubble production
  • Clean Tech – Chemical free cleaning solutions
  • combined in wastewater treatment systems
  • systems in use for poultry and livestock drinking water
  • uses turbiti nanobubble production technology
  • nanobubble production for irrigation ponds for agriculture
  • Currently available in single and 3 phase pumps, 1Ø230 volt, 3Ø230 or 3Ø400 volt



  • Model nameTurbiti 737 pump skid
    Model numberturbiti_pump-sus304_skid_737_3p-230V
    Spec sheetTurbiti 737 pump skid
    Recommended inlet filter(s)RF400
  • Model nameTurbiti 747 pump skid
    Model numberturbiti_pump-sus304_skid_747_3p-230V
    Spec sheetTurbiti 747 pump skid
    Recommended inlet filter(s)RF400
    Minimum flow / minute14 Liter3.7 Gallon
    Maximum flow / minute16 Liter4.2 Gallon
    Minimum flow / hour840 Liter222 Gallon
    Maximum flow / hour960 Liter254 Gallon
    Pressure minimum 140 kPa20 PSI
    Pressure maximum 260 kPa38 PSI
    Gas qualityNo corrosive gases, Oxygen, Air CO2 or N2 work fine
    Unit phase Ø voltage3Ø 230/400VAC ±10%
    Unit power consumption3000 watts
    Wetted partsSUS304 (316), Nylon, PVC
    Pump modelEbara 3(L)M 50-125/3.0
    Pump phase Ø voltage3Ø 230/400VAC ±10%
    Pump motor 50Hz3000 Watt4.0 hp
    Pump head 50Hz14 Meter46 ft
    Pump suction methodpressure
    Water inletFlange DN65 according DIN 2532 Standard
    Water outlet1.5"
    Gas inlet10mm or 3/8"
    Dimensions & weightMetricImperial
    weight60 Kg132.3 lbs.
    • Its recommended to use a frequency drive with this pumpskid this enables more precise pressure control.

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