Oxiti aumentador concentrador de oxígeno industrial

Oxiti aumentador concentrador de oxígeno industrial

Oxiti booster a reliable PSA oxygen concentrator
Booster supplies up to 140 kPa pressure continously
Full Booster supplies up to 400 kPa pressure continously

The oxiti industrial oxygen concentrator with booster is built from the same high quality components as the standard oxiti. The oxiti booster is developed for applications that require high pressure. The oxiti booster can supply continuously a volume of 8 liters per minute with a pressure of 140 kPa and the oxiti megaBooster can continuously supply pressure of 350 kPa. Acniti build the oxiti from high quality Japanese components such as Panasonic, Fuji Electric, SMC, Pisco, IDEC and Omron apart from these suppliers acniti manufactures their own components.


Expand the megaBooster with additional oxygen concentrators to supply a larger volume of oxygen at higher pressures. At the time of ordering, specify if you like to add 2 or 3 additional standard oxygen concentrators to increase the oxygen flow.


Many of our customers use the oxiti to push oxygen into water, but when the pump is running the water pressure at 0.12 or 0.3 mPa they also need an oxygen concentrator which is able to supply a constant volume and a constant pressure of 0.12 or 0.3 mPa. The oxiti booster and megaBooster oxygen concentrator is a perfect solution for them as it allows them to run this equipment 24x7.

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acniti es un fabricante de equipos de nanoburbujas y concentradores de oxígeno industriales. acniti se especializa en las ventas y marketing de tecnología de nanoburbujas.

La tecnología de burbujas nano es la próxima revolución en agua y líquidos para cambiar sus propiedades disolviendo gases para mejorar los procesos biológicos, innovando la limpieza y la desinfección en una amplia gama de aplicaciones.



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