miniGaLF pump option Lowara PM21

miniGaLF pump option Lowara PM21

Maximum ambient temperature: 40°C
Protection degree: IP44
Maximum ambient temperature: 40°C
Temperature of pumped liquid: -10°C to +40°C
Applications: Water distribution, Washing Boiler, Hot water systems, Pressure boosting, Irrigation, Cooling and chilling

The Lowara PM21 can be used in combination with the miniGaLF.  Adding this pump to the configuration enables the user to recirculate the water and get a higher concentration of ultrafine bubbles (nano-bubbles). Doing multiple passes through the miniGaLF increases the concentration significantly. The Lowara PM21 is a peripheral pump capable of developing high heads using a low-powered motor.

The pump is suitable for European, African and Asian customers which are on a 50Hz 220 Volt network. American customers are on a 60 Hz electricity grid are advised to opt for the Pentax PM45.

The pump has a Rp thread inlet and outlet of 1 is a designation for BSPP (British Standard Pipe Parallel).For example, Rp 1 refers to the threaded end of a fitting or pipe which is 1-inch trade size (not actually 1 inches), and having British Standard Parallel Pipe threads. It can be used in combination with a 30 mm hose or PVC pipe but verify this for your country upon arrival of the pump.

#Liquid specifications50 Hz60 HzHead
1Maximum pump capacity liter620
2Maximum pump capacity Gallons16
3Liter per minute @ head16 030   Meter
#Electrical specifications---
4Electric phase ⌀ voltage1 Ø 220-240 Volt or 3 Ø 380-415 Volt
5Amps2.7 Amp
6Power consumption370 watt (max. 580 watts)
7Pump house materialCast Iron
8Power cord lengthno power cord included Meter
#Connections MetricImperial-
9Water inletRP 1, 30 mm
10Water outletRP 1, 30 mm
#Dimensions MetricImperial-
11Dim. (w) x (d) x (h) mm178 x 280 x 153 7 x 11 x 6
12Weight9.5 Kg21 lbs.
13HS code84133030
14Shipping weight11 Kg24 lbs.


miniGaLF ultrafine bubble generator


The Lowara PM21 works in combination with the miniGaLF for multiple passes through the ultrafine bubble generator.



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