Bombas Turbiti

Recomendaciones de la bomba Turbiti, estas recomendaciones son pautas y la eficacia de esta bomba depende de la instalación de agua total.
Así que siempre haga un cálculo adecuado de la cabeza de la bomba.

Selecting the correct pump for the turbiti nanobubble generator is important. A too low pump head reduces the performance, and a too high pump head makes it difficult to get the air or oxygen into the turbiti. We often get the question which pump shall I use. As with all water installations, you have to make a correct calculation of your setup. Parameters of influence are distance of your pipes, how high needs the water to be pumped up or how deep in the basis is the water going to be released. Also, the number of elbow and knees are important, as every curve in the system requires extra pump pressure.

In general, acniti always recommends a 3 phase pump in combination with a frequency drive. The frequency drive can speed up or slow down a 3 phase pump, this enables you to fine-tune the exact required pressure settings so both gas and water flow are in sync. At acniti we work with 3 different pressure settings:

  • low pressure 75 kPa 11 psi
  • medium pressure 140 kPa 20 psi
  • high pressure > 350 kPa 50 psi

We refer to these 3 pressure settings, for compatibility with the gas source. Low pressure turbiti settings, are energy friendly and can work with a standard oxygen concentrators. The medium pressure requires an oxygen concentrator with booster some oxygen concentrators are able to supply 140 kPa (20 psi) without booster, but most of them will do so at reduced oxygen flow. The high pressure applications work with a full booster oxygen concentrator. Acniti does not recommend higher pressures than 350 kPa (50 psi) because in Japan as a kind of "industry standard" we see the highest concentrations of nanobubbles at these levels.

For in-house testing, acniti uses a variety of horizontal centrifugal Ebara and Grundfos pumps. In the table below, we give a recommendation of pumps that are suitable to use with the various turbiti's. Keep in mind that our in-house testing is done with minimal head losses, keep this in mind when selecting a pump.