O2 check valve oxygen

Required Gas check-valve brass NBR

The gas check valve is REQUIRED for the turbiti nano bubble mixers
Avoids getting water into the oxygen concentrator
Not suitable for use in combination with ozone
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Its required to put the one-way gas check valve at around 30 cm from the gas inlet of the ultrafine bubble mixer. For the submersible ultrafine bubble mixers, the one-way gas check valve can be placed just outside the submersible unit if that's more convenient. The one-way gas check valve avoids water getting into the gas hose and protects the oxygen generator. Please make sure the one-way gas valve is installed correctly with the arrow pointing towards the ultrafine bubble generator as the gas must flow into that direction.

Acniti has also an ozone resistant check valve available from SUS316L with viton seal


turbiti nanobubble generator series 747 737 727

Turbiti nanobubble mixer

The gas check valve is required for the nanobubble mixer

acniti nanobubble mixer submersible unit

Submersible turbiti nanobubble mixer

Required to protect the oxygen concentrator from water

Ozone checkvalve 3/8

O3 check valve for nanobubble generator

standard ozone resistant oneway valve



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