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ALT 9F17 cartridge filter 2~7μm

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    Polypropylene Capsule Filters for prefiltering with the ALT 9F17 removes particles and micro bubbles to get more accurate measurment.

    • Depth type matrix: High dirt holding capacity, superior retention
    • Compatible with aqueous solutions and solvents
    • Thermally welded to prevent fiber slough-off and minimize changes in pore size during filtration
    • Wide range of particle size cut-offs
    • Can be sterilized by autoclaving (121˚C, 30 min.) or treatment with ethylene oxide (EtO) Applications
    • High purity water filtration
    • Prefiltration to a final membrane filter such as PES or PTFE (CCS, CCF or CCFH)
    • Ultra cleaning
    Dimensions & weightMetricImperial
    Dim. (w) x (d) x (h)77 x 77 x 97 mm3.0 x 3.0 x 3.8 inch
    weight0.12 Kg0.3 lbs.