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Ebara DWO-400

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    Each EBARA product design is built to achieve the highest level of reliability, guaranteed by quality control programs and testing throughout the entire production cycle. EBARA centrifugal electric pumps are protected by and carry international patents. The stainless-steel electric pumps are developed by using fully robotic processes that optimize handling of materials, enabling quick changes to production lines, and ensuring high levels of line quality control and standardization.

    These processes, combined with construction techniques acquired from our Japanese parent company, EBARA stainless-steel electric pumps, stand out all globally for our unmistakable hydraulic design. Our greatest commitment is for absolute quality. We continuously combine our experience with research for true innovation in our two production plants in Veneto (Gambellara) and Trentino (Cles). Our production processes are carefully structured to optimize the quality and reliability of our products. The Cles production line is fully robotic and automated and has been designed to maximize the use of the raw materials. Products are manufactured to the highest efficiency and levels of standardization, minimizing the energy consumption.

    Acniti recommend using an EBARA pump in combination with the turbiti 737 or 747 nanobubble generator. This pump is also suitable for lake and pond remediation as it contains an open impeller, which also makes it suitable for pumping liquids that are not completely clean, but with solid parts up to 19 mm in diameter. If the water contains larger particles, an acniti inlet filter is recommended.

    • Open impeller suitable for suspended solids in liquid and dirty water, pump solids handling to 19 mm spherical
    • Stainless steel liquid and components, high quality., corrosion resistance, threaded connections, hose barb connections
    • High operating efficiency
    • High quality mechanical shaft seals and o-rings.
    Frequency drive data
    Hz turbiti737 Pressure747 Pressure
    60 Hz 230 kPa200 kPa
    55 Hz 200 kPa180 kPa
    50 Hz (pump standard) 170 kPa150 kPa
    45 Hz 145 kPa120 kPa
    40 Hz 105 kPa100 kPa
    35 Hz 90 kPa80 kPa
    20 Hz 45 kPa40 kPa
    # 液体 規格 50 Hz60 HzHead
    31分あたりリットル400 16   Meter
    # 電気 規格 ---
    4電気相⌀電圧3 ϕ 230V / 400V
    5アンペア10.6 / 6.1アンペア
    8電源コードの長さ電源コードは含まれていません メートル
    9給水口65mm, 2.5"
    10水出口50mm / 2" inch
    11その他Connections are R / BSP threads
    12製品サイズ (幅)x(奥)x(高) mm416 x 193 x 253 16 x 8 x 10
    13重量22.4 Kg49 lbs
    14製品サイズ (幅)x(奥)x(高)48 x 21 x 28 2 x 1 x 1
    15運送重量25 Kg55 lbs