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    Probiotics water treatment by powerfull micro-organisms and bacteria

    Algae blooms are often a reason to start pond remediation. Probiotics in combination with ultra-fine bubbles can increase the efficiency of the waste water treatment process. Acniti supplies probiotics in tablet form an easy and safe way to dose and apply the beneficial bacteria.

    Ultrafine ozone bubbles mixer

    The Ultrafine ozone bubble mixer is a nano bubble ozone generator which is specifically designed for the use with ozone. The Ultrafine ozone bubble mixer is suitable for many clean tech applications.

    Aqua Gen commercial swimming pool fine bubble technology

    Aqua Gen is the first NSF approved ultra-fine bubble, nano bubble swimming pool technology. Aqua Gen is an advanced oxygen water treatment system designed for cleaning swimming pools, spas and water features. The Aqua Gen has commercially been installed in more than 100 pools and has proven to bring many benefits to both pool owners and pool users.

    The zeta-potential important stuff for nano-bubbles

    The electrical properties of gas bubbles are important in determining the interaction of nano-bubbles if and when they merge together and how they interact with other materials such as solid particles or oil droplets. Knowledge about this helps application development in for example, protein skimmers, froth flotation, food processing, washing surfaces and purification.

    RF200 Self Cleaning Inlet Filter for pumps

    The RF200 is a  self-cleaning filter for attachment to the suction hose of surface mounted pumps. They can be fitted with tough nylon filter mesh or sintered stainless steel mesh and can filter from 60 - 315 microns. The RF200 filters have a capacity of up to 220 liters per minute. All the filters have an internal cleaning rotor, that is water powered by taking a 'T' off the output of your pump to supply the Rotorflush internal rotors. This supply continuously backwashes the mesh screen pushing away anything that might cause it to block. These filters can operate in very dirty water without blocking, reducing the need for settlement tanks and keeping maintenance to a minimum.

    RF400 Self Cleaning Inlet Filter for pumps

    The RF400 self-cleaning filters and strainers are for use on the suction side of surface mounted pumps. The RF400 is an extremely tough stainless steel basket filter that protects pumps and other connected equipment from blocking and binding. It can be fitted with tough nylon filter mesh or stainless steel screens and can filter from 60 microns to 6mm. The RF400 can handle up to 1000 litres per minute. The patented self-cleaning mechanism in the filter provides a continuous backwash keeping the filter mesh free of weed and debris. The filter self-cleans whenever your pump is in operation and provides a very efficient low maintenance solution to pumping water contaminated with suspended solids.

acniti is specialized in the sales and marketing of ultrafine bubble and nanobubble technology, to accelerate growth.

Bubble technology is the next revolution in water and liquids to change their properties by dissolving gases to enhance biological processes, to innovate cleaning and disinfection in a wide range of applications.

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