DC diaphragm pump for feeding ALT UFB monitoring device

DC diaphragm pump for feeding ALT ultrafine bubble monitoring device

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Small DC diaphragm pump for constantly feeding ultrafine bubble monitoring water. This small pump can be used in combination with the ALT 9F17 for constantly sampling water into the nano-bubble monitoring system.


  • Specification: EPDM for air / liquid
  • Size: φ 27 x 61.8 mm (excluding protrusions)
  • Connection port: OD φ 4 x 8 mm
  • Weight: 60 g
  • Rated voltage (V): 12 *
  • Air flow rate (L / min or more): 0.4
  • Liquid flow rate (mL / min or more): 250
  • Vacuum reaching degree (kPa or more): - 45
  • Maximum pressure (kPa or more): 80
  • Packing size: 85 x 80 x 60 mm  
  • Shipping weight 90 g

* Applied voltage (It is different from the motor voltage.)


Ultrafine bubble monitoring system ALT-9F17

UFB monitoring

Nanobubble monitoring system.

ALT 9F17 cartridge filter 2~7μm

ALT 9F17 cartridge filter

Filter to remove micro bubbles and particles before measuring ultrafine bubbles.



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