submersible mega aerator for enhanced aeration

Simultaneously aeration and agitation for aerobic and anaerobic enhanced aeration
Handles high load and fluctuation in raw wastewater
High mixing efficiency
High oxygen dissolution efficiency and high energy efficiency
Energy savings up to 30-40% compared to conventional aerators
Easy installation
Maintenance once every 3 years
No clogging or sludge settlement
Cleaning of the tank or shut down of the plant is no longer required

Megaerator the highest standards and performance in industry

By separating the power sources for the aerating and agitating functions, the mega aerator easily conforms to any changes in load, eliminate wasteful energy consumption and makes drastic reductions in water processing costs.

Regular maintenance mega aerator

Due to its simple design, maintenance can be performed on-site. This drastically reduces the time required for maintenance. When the Megaerator is placed along a guide pipe, there is no need for water drainage when installing or removing the Megaerator. It is also possible to lift the Mega aerator out of the water. Maintenance cycles vary depending on usage conditions. Please see the chart below and use as a guide to perform maintenance. It is recommended pulling up the Megaerator from the tank once a year to perform visual inspection. This is highly effective in malfunction prevention and increasing life span.

Maintenance table

replacement partreplacement cycle
Water seal cassette (for output shaft)Every 3 years
Oil seal cassette (for motor shaft)Every 3 years
Bearing for motor shaftEvery 3 years
O-ring for jointsEvery 3 years
Lubrication gear oilEvery 3 years
Cathodic protection plateEvery 3 years
Gears inside gear reducerEvery 6 - 9 years
Bearing inside gear reducerEvery 6-9 years
Cabtire cableDepends on condition
Submerged motorDepends on condition
Submerged gear reducerDepends on condition

The maintenance cycle above is just for reference. The maintenance cycle is subjected to the actual site condition.

acniti megaerator submerged drive mechanism schematics

  1. Water seal cassette (for output shaft)
  2. Oil seal cassette (for motor shaft)
  3. Motor shaft bearings
  4. Lubrication gear oil
  5. Gears inside gear reducer
  6. Bearing inside gear reduce
  7. Cabtire cable

9 model line-up

In total, there are 9 models to choose from, the basic function of all submersible aerators is the same, they differ in volume of air and water they can move. The smallest version injecting 100m3 of air per hour and the largest version 2.100 M3 per hour. In water movement, the smallest unit moves 720 m3/h and the largest 13,200 m3/h.

submersible mega aerator 9 model line-up

megaerator specifications 9 models

Spec sheet AF-1500
Spec sheet AF-2200
Spec sheet AF-3700
Spec sheet AF-5500
Spec sheet AF-7500
Spec sheet AF-11000
Spec sheet AF-15000
Spec sheet AF-22000
Spec sheet AF-30000


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