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Ultrafine Bubble DO monitor and control

DO monitor and controller for ultrafine bubble generation

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Ultrafine Bubble DO monitor and control



In the product line of control and monitoring acniti delivers a DO controller and monitoring system. Acniti also offers an Ultrafine bubble sensor system which approximates the bubble concentration in your process water. The controller and monitoring system is developed to work in combination with the Submersible UFB mixer which as a set consists of the UFB mixer and an oxygen concentrator. The DO controller is especially important for industries were too much of dissolved oxygen can do harm for example in fish cultivation, shrimp and koi carps. The cost of energy in aeration applications is a big deal. Often aeration is the highest energy consumer so running your systems less hours means savings, compared to using timers or do manual control.


The DO controller consists of a DO sensor, a PLC a start stop output for the oxygen concentrator, a start stop output for a small pump if a larger pump in the setup is required a dry contact to start stop the pump is also available. In the DO controller set the DO value, below the setpoint the Ultrafine bubble mixer will run until the setpoint is achieved. In the PLC you can set a delay interval of 2 minutes to 16 minutes between starting and stopping the ultrafine bubble mixer to avoid that it turns on and off frequently. The controller can also be used without a DO sensor, without DO sensor there is a possibility to set a day program and run it certain hours. The DO controller comes in a wall-mounted enclosure with door of fiber-glass reinforced, non-saturated polyester. Protection category IP 56 or IP 66. High stability thanks to use of fiber-glass reinforced plastic. The DO sensor is a membrane covered galvanic oxygen probe with built-in transmitter. The probe is connected to a DC supply and draws a current of between 4 and 20 mA corresponding to the oxygen concentration.


For research and historic data, the DO controller can log data at a set interval time. The shortest interval is 1 second the longest interval is over 2 hours. Transfer data easily to a usb flash drive by simply inserting the stick into the PLC. The unit has a capability of storing 10.000 measurement when the maximum number of measurements is reached the oldest data entry will be overwritten.