submersible UFB mixer buoy

buoy for the submersible UFB mixer

use a buoy that can handle a weight around 30 to 35 kg
Keeps the turbiti submersible UFB mixer at the perfect depth
When the water levels fluctuate, the buoy is the easiest solution to keep the submersible mixer at the desired depth

The turbiti submersible unit is an ultrafine bubble generator which is easy to install. When working in deep waters when the submersible unit cannot be installed on the bottom of the water body. Its recommended to use a buoy.  Use a buoy that can handle a weight of around 30-35 kgs. When water levels fluctuate a buoy is also a good solution. 

Let us know when a buoy is required and we will include it in your offer.


acniti nanobubble mixer submersible unit

Submersible UFB mixer

Submersible Ultrafine bubble mixer to treat large volumes of water with ultrafine bubbles.



acniti is a manufacturer of nanobubble equipment and industrial oxygen concentrators. acniti specializes in the sales and marketing of nanobubble technology.

Nanobubble technology is the next revolution in water and liquids to change their properties by dissolving gases to enhance biological processes, to innovate cleaning and disinfection in a wide range of applications.



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