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Turbiti O2 land-based nanobubble mixer

Turbiti O2 nanobubble generator

Turbiti O2 land-based nanobubble mixer enhanced aeration technology



The Turbiti O2 is the multipurpose ultrafine bubble generator suitable for agriculture, horticulture and fish cultivation sites. The Turbiti O2 must be combined with an oxygen generator which creates 90% pure oxygen out of air.

Inside the turbiti O2 is Acniti’s low pressure static mixer swirl flow technology, which creates billions of nano-sized bubbles by beating up the gas water mixture. The Turbiti O2 is flexible to implement as it can be used with a wide array of pumps.  

The turbiti O2 is used for aerating fishponds with nanobubbles. Super saturation of oxygen for water day storage tanks in horticulture. Drinking water solutions for chicken, cows, pigs and horses, giving high DO water with ultrafine bubbles to animals with enhance their food digestion more efficiently and results in healthier animals.