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Turbiti nanobubble mixer OEM

turbiti nanobubble mixer OEM 737 front view

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Turbiti nanobubble mixer OEM



turbiti enhanced static mixer technology

The static mixer has its origin from mixing two liquids, the first patent for a static mixer was filed in 1965. Instead of mixing two liquids there is also the possibility of mixing a liquid and a gas. The benefits of the static mixers is that they can treat large volumes of water at once. They are not sensitive to clogging. The acniti technology is based on this principle. Rather than a normal static mixer, acniti has implemented their proprietary swirl flow technology. The swirl flow technology beats up the water and gas, and due to the available forces in the mixer nanobubbles are created. In the schematic on the left you can get a visualization of how the technology works. The turbiti has an enhanced dissolved aeration performance dissolving gasses like oxygen efficient and in large quantities in the water.

dealers and partners

The turbiti OEM series gives dealers and partners the opportunity to implement the turbiti into their own equipment and sell nanobubbles generator equipment under their own brand name. This product is only for dealers and partner of acniti, that have a license agreement and commit to buy certain quantities. When you are interested in becoming an Acniti partner contact us for your geographic location and market. Customers that want to buy direct from acniti, please have a look at our other turbiti products: