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Swimming pool: Swim puriti O2 nanobubble mixer

Pool cleaning: swim puriti O2 nanobubble generator

Swim Puriti: swimming pool nanobubble technology for healthy chemical free swimming.



The Swim Puriti system consists of two components. The Swim Puriti unit and a commercial rated oxygen concentrator which produces up to 95% pure oxygen out of the air.


The Swim Puriti can easily be adapted to an existing or new recirculation system in swimming pools. A by-pass loop is created right after the pool or spa filter and heater. Using PVC plumbing. The injection point of the oxygen is directed downstream after the pool heater on the final return line back to the pool.


The Swim Puriti is ozone ready! and at a later date it can easily be expanded with an ozone generator, without having to re-plumb the system. With the proper ozone system, it will adapt in-between the oxygen concentrator and the Swim Puriti.