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Industrial oxygen concentrator

acniti industrial oxygen concentrator oxiti

Industrial Oxygen Concentrator front

Industrial Oxygen Concentrator side open.

Industrial Oxygen Concentrator drawing

Industrial oxygen concentrator



The acniti oxygen concentrator combines high pressure and maximum flow in one concentrator which means that your most challenging oxygen applications can be met. The acniti oxygen concentrator – is a, true 8 LPM or 10 LPM unit.


The compressor sits on a  resonator, which quiets the sounds made by the compressor. Air enters the Oxygen Concentrator through an external cooling air intake filter. This filtered air enters the compressor via a fine filter, pressurized air then exits the compressor and passes through a heat exchanger, which reduces the temperature of the compressed air.


Next, an electronic valve system directs the air into one of two sieve beds that contain molecular sieve. The special characteristic property of molecular sieve is that it physically attracts (adsorbs) nitrogen when air passes through this material, thus enabling the production of high purity oxygen.


There are two sieve beds (adsorbent columns); while one produces high purity oxygen, the other is purged of the nitrogen it adsorbed (collected) while it was producing oxygen. Each column produces oxygen for approximately 5.5 seconds and delivers it to the product storage volume in the end of the column. Oxygen exits the adsorbent column through a pressure regulator, flow control valve, flow meter, and final product filter.


The flow control valve, which is part of the flow meter, controls the flow rate of oxygen delivered to the ultrafine bubble generator. The unit delivers up to 95% oxygen concentration at rated flow. The remaining constituents of the product gas stream are nitrogen and argon, both of which are part of the air we breathe, are inert and are completely safe.