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high-spec GaLF



The high spec GaLF Ultrafine bubble generator is introduced with ease and flexibility in mind. Its the most versitile unit as it can be used with all gasses including corrosive gasses such as ozone and hydrogen. This unit can be used by researchers and laboratory who need maximum flexibilty and easy of operating. The high-spec GaLF has an on board PLC which controls pressure settings and flow resulting always in the optimal generation of nano bubbles. In addition, the start stop times can be set on the PLC or an external sensor can be connected, such as the ALT-9F17 Ultrafine Bubble Monitoring. That regulates the starts and stops depending on the bubble concentration.


The high spec UFB unit can be used for product development for food applications and university research. For clients that are intersted in testing the ultrafine bubble applications in their laboratory the 07 high spec model is an excellent choice due to the compact design and ease of operation. This compact unit has a small flow of 12 liters per minute around 3 gallons and can be used for product development en product testing before scaling up to the larger unit. The unit is very versatile as it can handle all gases including corrosive gases.


GaLF stands for Gas Liquid Foam, it’s a pressurized mixing technology, to create ultrafine bubbles. The technology is invented and patented by IDEC. The IDEC GaLF technology succeeds in generating over one billion stable bubbles per milliliter in water that are as tiny as 100 nm or less than 1 micron in diameter. Using this ultrafine bubble water can help biological processes in plants and fish. The fine bubbles are negatively charged which strengthen waters ability to better clean and remove contaminants.


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