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Ultrafine bubble mixer

gaiaGaLF high volume FZ1N-250GA V7

gaiaGaLF high volume FZ1N-250GA V7 side

gaiaGaLF high volume FZ1N-250GA V6

gaiaGaLF high volume FZ1N-250GA V5

Ultrafine bubble mixer



The gaiaGaLF is the largest flow scalable, low pressure mixing valve effectively and efficiently saturates liquids with gases over 5 times the levels of conventional technologies. The gaiaGaLF valve design produces fine bubbles that maximize water contact with the introduced gas producing a liquid highly saturated with suspended gas bubbles. With the gaiaGaLF, not only less gas is required to achieve optimum saturation levels, but, once desired levels are achieved, the liquid maintains its saturation for extended periods of time. There is no need for pressurized tanks or high pressure cylinders to keep the gases in solution.


Easy to install as a single unit or in a series with a manifold. This unit is made of a special resin durable plastic which will last for years in harsh environments. The gaiaGaLF 250 is available in a smaller size gaiaGaLF 120. There is also a very small test unit available for the smaller projects this is the gaiaGaLF 9.