Bubble generator




blenderGaLF sus

blenderGaLF microbubble and ultrafine bubble OEM unit

blenderGaLF sus ultrafine bubble generator



The blenderGaLF is for engineering and installation companies that want to implement the GaLF technology inside their own machines or equipment.


Only the bare essentials will be supplied and license agreement needs to be signed for the ability to built an application with the GaLF technology inside.


The blenderGaLF is available in various sizes from 4 - 200 liters per minute. The mixing box can be built from stainless steel or from PVC, the blenderGaLF in PVC is suitable for the use with corrosive gasses. 


The blenderGaLF package consists of a frame and mounted on the frame are the mixing box, venturi, digital pressure sensors, various valves and a nozzle. All electrical, pump and piping has to be done locally. Due to the complexity of this product, the blenderGaLF is only sold to OEM manufacturers.