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miniGaLF nano bubbles

The miniGaLF is an entry level GaLF model designed for companies, universities, research institutes and individuals that want to learn about ultrafine bubble technology.

high-concentration GaLF

High concentration ultrafine bubble generator, producing the highest concentration of bubbles in the industry. Creates billions of nano bubbles in water.


Customized GaLF solutions built into your own applications, this is a stainless steel model

Turbiti nano bubble mixer

The turbiti ultrafine bubble generator is a first-class workhorse nano bubble generator. Turbiti has no moving parts so maintenance is minimal, it can be place in the most demanding environments. The nano bubble generator requires a low head pump, so its efficient in energy usage. The Turbiti concept gives you a worry free nano bubble solution generating billions of bubbles for many years.

Turbiti O2 land-based nano bubble mixer

The Turbiti O2 is the multipurpose ultrafine bubble generator suitable for agriculture, horticulture and fish cultivation sites. Super saturation of oxygen for water day storage tanks in horticulture. Drinking water solutions for chicken, cows, pigs and horses, giving high DO water with ultrafine bubbles to animals with enhance their food digestion more efficiently and results in healthier animals.

Turbiti submersible nano bubble mixer

Large volume submersible ultrafine bubble generator in combination with a dissolved oxygen generator, for aerating effectively lakes, horticulture, fishponds and shrimp cultivation. Aeration is for many biological processes very important the Acniti submersible unit guarantees high DO values for ideal biological activities creating an optimal environment for high production output.

Turbiti nano bubble mixer OEM

Combined with the benefits of a static mixer Acniti has implemented their proprietary swirl flow technology to generate efficiently and effectively nano bubbles. The turbiti OEM series gives dealers and partners the opportunity to implement the turbiti into their own equipment and sell nano bubbles generator equipment under their own brand name. This product is only for dealers and partner of acniti, that have a license agreement and commit to buy certain quantities.

Turbiti O3 land-based nano bubble mixer

The ultrafine ozone bubble mixer is a nano bubble generator which is specifically designed for the use with ozone. Research with universities has shown, that ozonated ultrafine bubble water, keeps longer its ozone residue in the water than when it is used only with a venturi also the amount of ozone gassing out is reduced.

Turbiti ozone nano bubble mixer OEM

Swimming pool: Swim puriti O2 nano bubble mixer

Swim Puriti is the approved ultra-fine bubble, nano bubble swimming pool technology. Swim Puriti is an advanced oxygen water treatment system designed for swimming pools, spas and water features. Swim Puriti can be used for large private pools or hotels pools.

Swimming pool: Swim puriti O3 nano bubble mixer

Ultrafine Bubble Monitoring ALT-9F17

Low cost Ultrafine Bubble Monitoring ALT-9F17 system, to measure reliably the concentration of ultrafine bubbles (nano bubbles) in your water.

Ultrafine Bubble DO monitor and control

Dissolved ​Oxygen Control ​System: DO controller for applications that require a high accuracy of dissolved oxygen levels such as aquaculture and water treatment aeration. In combination with the DO controller achieve an optimal environment with energy savings by running the equipment for the minimum time required by the settings.


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