Benefits Probiotics Agriculture and Horticulture

Higher crop yields
Reduced fertilizer demand
Improved dry tolerance
Restores biological equilibrium of the soil
Breaks organic material
Helps the soil nutrient process
Increases protein and sugar content (Brix)

What are acniti agriculture probiotics

acniti agriculture probiotics competes with sickening microorganisms. The various bacterial species in tablet form remove the source of food for the sickening bacteria. The effervescent tablets should be dissolved in water.

How do acniti agriculture probiotics function

Originally, plants live in harmony with many soil bacteria. Research indicates that a small amount of healthy soil contains about 30,000 bacterial species. These useful bacterial species help the plants to absorb better nutrients and water, which makes the plant develop better. This micro-habitat also plays an important role in the resilience of plants against diseases. The useful bacteria and fungi help the plants to protect themselves against diseases. Bacteria deliver signal substances that trigger a defense response. As a defense, antibiotics are created. The healthy bacteria fill up the space around the plant roots so disease making bacteria cannot live there. This is a natural process and is explained by the fact that plants have genes that make them want to life together with the different bacteria and substances.

The problem is that in the field of intensive agriculture and horticulture, especially by the prevailing mono-culture, the diversity of microorganisms is much less than in nature. acniti agriculture probiotics is a product that can help bring back a variety of the diversity even in mono-cultures. acniti agriculture probiotics is a unique blend of useful bacteria and fungi. These useful bacteria and fungi are called probiotics. The word probiotic can be translated as: for life. The bacteria and fungi that are contained in acniti probiotics, are promoting plant and soil life. As a result, the pathogens have no chance of survival and the plant is naturally resistant to all sorts of diseases.

Able to defend

The unique composition of acniti agriculture probiotics makes plants resistant to, among other things, the following diseases:

  • Botrytis
  • Fusarium
  • Rhizoctonia solani
  • Macrophomina phaseolina
  • Phytopthora
  • Some nematodes


The increase in resilience is made possible by the unique set of features that acniti agriculture probiotics possesses:

  • It makes Penicillium
  • Production of Chloroform-soluble antibiotics
  • Colonization of the root
  • Efficient nitrogen compounding
  • Production of Endoglucanase, Beta Glucosidase and Xylanase
  • Growth-promoting Rhizobacteria
  • Soil inoculant

These properties not only make the plant resilient, but also that the plant developed into a healthy and strong plant. acniti agriculture probiotics helps the plant to absorb better water and nutrients, making less of it necessary. The plant is going to be more efficient with the fed food. This also means that less nutrition is required, and the plant is even able to absorb groundwater. The advantage is that there are also fewer salts in the drainage water


Acniti agriculture probiotics is supplied in tablet form. The effervescent tablets should be dissolved in water. Per hectare you will need 10 tablets per treatment. Once every three months it must be applied. Acniti agriculture probiotics have a shelf-life of 2 years.


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