Ozon water concentration sensor

Meet nauwkeurig het ozonniveau in water

Ozone water concentration sensor 0-20 mg/L
For high precision measurement of ozone concentrations
Calibration performed automatically and can be set to frequent or infrequent calibrations
Excellent ozone sensor for universities and research and development departments

Measure ozone concentrations levels from 0-20 mg/L precisely in water. The unit measures ozone concentration with UV light, the sensor has a built in self-priming suction pump to take in sample water and reference water. This unit is excellent for universities and research departments of companies. The sensor has a possibility to connect a recorder to collect data overtime. Furthermore, it has an ERR output and a "Hi Lo" output.


Ozone has a maximum absorption band near the wavelength of ultraviolet at 253.7 nanometers. A low-pressure mercury lamp light source has an emission line spectrum at 254 nm. By irradiating ozone with this wavelength, the amount of light without ozone gas (I0) and the amount of light with ozone gas (IX) are Lambertian. Lambertian: when an area element is radiating as a result of being illuminated by an external source, the irradiance (energy or photons/time/area) landing on that area element will be proportional to the cosine of the angle between the illuminating source and the normal.


The ozone concentration is obtained from Beer's law, and compared with a standard device calibrated by the iodine titration method to make a correction and use it as the display value at the end of calibration Beer's law relates the attenuation of light to the properties of the material through which the light is travelling.

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