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miniGaLF pump option Lowara PM21

  • 最高周囲温度:40°C
  • 保護度:IP44
  • 最高周囲温度:40°C
  • 圧送液の温度:-10°C〜+ 40°C
  • 用途:配水、洗浄ボイラー、温水システム、増圧、灌漑、冷却および冷却

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The Lowara PM21 can be used in combination with the miniGaLF.  Adding this pump to the configuration enables the user to recirculate the water and get a higher concentration of ultrafine bubbles (nano-bubbles). Doing multiple passes through the miniGaLF increases the concentration significantly. The Lowara PM21 is a peripheral pump capable of developing high heads using a low-powered motor.

The pump is suitable for European, African and Asian customers which are on a 50Hz 220 Volt network. American customers are on a 60 Hz electricity grid are advised to opt for the Pentax PM45.

The pump has a Rp thread inlet and outlet of 1 is a designation for BSPP (British Standard Pipe Parallel).For example, Rp 1 refers to the threaded end of a fitting or pipe which is 1-inch trade size (not actually 1 inches), and having British Standard Parallel Pipe threads. It can be used in combination with a 30 mm hose or PVC pipe but verify this for your country upon arrival of the pump.

# 液体 規格 50 Hz60 HzHead
31分あたりリットル16 30   Meter
# 電気 規格 ---
4電気相⌀電圧1 Ø 220-240 Volt or 3 Ø 380-415 Volt
6消費電力370 W(最大580 W)
7ポンプハウス材料Cast Iron
8電源コードの長さ電源コードは含まれていません メートル
9給水口RP 1,30 mm
10水出口RP 1, 30 mm
11製品サイズ (幅)x(奥)x(高) mm178 x 280 x 153 7 x 11 x 6
12重量9.5 Kg21 lbs
14運送重量11 Kg24 lbs