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オゾン発生器 5

  • Metal free ozone generator, produces clean ozone without particles
  • Compact ozone generator which is complete with flow meter
  • Industrial air-cooled ozone generator
  • Ozone generation rate is 5g/h, air-cooled type, compact, and highly functional!
  • Easy-to-use industrial ozone generator! Ozone generation quantity 5g/h.

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Although it is compact and air-cooled, it has excellent stability in the cooling efficiency of the discharge part.

Compact and highly reliable air-cooled ozone generator. As a highly reliable ozone source, it has been adopted by many in the water treatment field and research institutes. The discharge part is efficiently air-cooled, and the performance is relatively stable even in high temperature environments. Compact, high performance, easy Generates 5g/h of ozone in a compact housing. Since it is air-cooled, the utility is only raw gas and power supply.

Gas contact metal free The material of the gas contacting part does not use metal, and produces clean ozone without particles. Supports external input/output It can also be operated by external input/output, and can be incorporated into equipment that is combined with an external control panel. Selectable flow meter The range of the built-in flowmeter can be selected from 500 ml/min, 1 L/min, 5 L/min, 10 L/min according to the purpose of use.

大きさ (幅)x(奥)x(高)190 x 260 x 285 mm7.5 x 10.2 x 11.2 インチ
重量5 Kg11.0 lbs