プロジェクトレポート 池の水処理 UFBミキサー ナノバブル

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Irrigation water for strawberries

A strawberry grower in United States Florida had problems with a contaminated pond which was used for irrigation. The lake contains about 19.000 cubic meters of water (5 million gallons). The lake was polluted with many algae and was unsuitable for proper irrigation to the strawberry fields. On the 11th of May an UFB mixer nano bubbles unit was installed. An oxygen concentrator was connected as a gas source, for aeration with pure oxygen apart from creating high dissolved oxygen in the water a high concentration of nano bubbles were created with the UFB mixer. The oxygen concentrator was running at 10 liters per minute. After 40 days the site was visited again and the lake problem with algae contamination was completely resolved.

Algae blooms

There could be a couple of reasons that create algae blooms. Such as nutrients, temperature, light, turbidity, stagnant water. In spring and summer, the conditions for algae are more favorable because there are more hour’s light and the temperature cause algae to multiply faster. How to resolve an algae bloom depends largely on the most contributing factors to the pollution. Popular and ecofriendly solutions are aeration with nano bubbles, the use of probiotics effective micro-organisms or a combination of the two methods.


Probiotics specialized in water treatment eat the phosphates and nitrates faster than the algae and therefor out competes the algae by occupying the lake or pond. The probiotic bacteria are aerobic bacteria and therefor enough dissolved oxygen must be present in the water. Nano bubbles help thrive the bacteria and can solve heavy polluted ponds and lakes.


The lake in Florida was remediated with nano bubbles and high dissolved oxygen concentrations in combination with probiotic micro-organisms.

Another successful project completed with nano bubble technology

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カーネーション生産者はナノバブルス灌漑システムによってフサリウムや枯れの対策を整えて、ステム、花サイズ、芽吹、ステムのボリューム、回転も改善します。2017/2018 ACNITIはtestで平均サイズ110nmの酸素ナノバブルスを灌漑システムの水に加え、養鱒酸素レベルを30ppmに上げました。

The zeta-potential important stuff for nano-bubbles

The electrical properties of gas bubbles are important in determining the interaction of nano-bubbles if and when they merge together and how they interact with other materials such as solid particles or oil droplets. Knowledge about this helps application development in for example, protein skimmers, froth flotation, food processing, washing surfaces and purification.


Nano Bubbles are useful in accelerating the metabolism of living organisms, but the mechanism is not yet well understood. In a study, they investigated the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) by Nano Bubbles and the effect on seed germination. The conclusion of the study was seeds in nano bubble water had a higher germination rate than all those submerged in the different other conventional used solutions.

プロジェクトレポート 池の水処理 UFBミキサー ナノバブル

A contaminated pond which was used for irrigation was treated for 40 days with nano bubbles. After treatment the algae contamination problems was solved. For the treatment the UFB mixer nano bubble generator was used, in combination with an connected oxygen concentrator.

デモンストレーション UFB水中ミキサー

The submersible UFB mixer is a, complete unit with the low-pressure mixing valve technique that effectively and efficiently saturates liquids with gases over 5 times the levels of conventional technologies. The unit moves 113 liters of water per minute and dissolves 4 liters of oxygen per minute creating a high DO content and ultrafine bubbles in the water.


Root systems require oxygen for aerobic respiration. Reduced levels of oxygen in the rootzone, slow down plant growth and increase susceptibility of diseases. Indoor grown plants in closed water systems have often a lack of oxygen and need additional oxygen supply. By delivering ultrafine bubble to the rootzone of the plant, you increase the levels of oxygen and the water get negatively electrically charged this promotes nutrient uptake and hair root growth. Read the whole article to see what experience cannabis growers have to say about the ultrafine bubble system.

研究室デモンストレーション ミニGaLF

The miniGaLF is ACNITI`s entry level GaLF model designed for companies, universities, research institutes and individuals that want to learn about Ultrafine bubble technology. In this blog a movie is shown of the connections and the performance to create ultrafine bubble (nano bubbles) with high DO water.


Manoa lettuce is a lettuce variety susceptible to tipburn. Tipburn is the drying and dying of leaf tissue along the edges of the leaf. During a test at a grower in Hawaii it was shown that by increasing the DO levels and adding ultrafine bubbles, reduction of tipburn is realized and quality and production improvements are made.


Interested to know why nanobubbles are officially called ultrafine bubbles? In this article we explain the reasons why the ISO technical committee has decided to use the official name ultrafine bubbles instead of nanobubbles.


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Washing of surfaces and laundry is one of the promising areas were ultrafine bubbles can make a difference in the application. Reducing the amount of detergent, has a positive effect by reducing pollution, washing laundry without detergent, would greatly benefit the environment. Ultrafine bubbles can lower the surface tension of water, the large amounts of oxygen molecules in bubbles charge the water negative.


Research into ozone ultrafine bubble technology for the treatment of captured produce wash water. The white paper shows that their are benefits in using the technology, by better disinfection and savings in ozone can be obtained.

セルフクリーニング インレットフィルタ 実演

Video: Rotorflush Self-cleaning inlet filter explained

セルフクリーニング インレットフィルタ 解説

Self-cleaning Filters prevent pumps from blocking and make aeration more efficient


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Lake Ida Anne has a growing problem with algae in spring and summer. A large number of nutrients are available in the lake, and this promotes algae growth. The city of Langford tested the ultrafine bubble mixer as Oxygenation System to combat the algae, with great success.


A new innovative way to transport fish while sleeping is almost ready to go onto the market. A combination of CO2 and ultrafine bubbles make this possible.


Ultrafine bubbles movie, movie made with the Malvern NanoSight.

ミニGaLF プラス

The miniGALF is IDEC`s entry level GaLF model designed for first experiences with ultrafine bubble technology. The miniGaLF -Plus enables higher concentration of ultrafine bubbles by multi-passes of water through the miniGaLF.


Imagine your kitchen floor or bathroom tiles being cleaned by very tiny bubbles. Sounds great, a new technological era is dawning.

スマートな人は語る 気泡とウォーターイノベーション

Bubbles are all around us, in our foods, beer, pop drinks bread and cheese, but also in the bricks of our house. Bubbles are gas-filled cavities in water, the lifetime of a bubble is short at most a few minutes, only ultra-fine bubbles are stable for longer periods like months, that is making them very special and that enables us to change the properties of water.

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