RF600-500 Self-cleaning Intake Strainer

Stainless steel filter mesh
Filters from 3mm to 6mm
Reliable and easy to install and use
Works with most centrifugal and progressive cavity pumps
225 cubic meters per hour maximum flow
Capital, installation and maintenance costs reduced
All stainless-steel construction
Option for marine grade steel.

Product description

RF600 Self-cleaning Intake Strainer – Perforated Mesh

The RF600 Self-cleaning Intake Strainer combines industrial strength filtration with exceptionally low maintenance. The RF600 series are self-cleaning coarse screened strainers for attachment to the suction hose of surface mounted pumps. The range can deliver from 1500 liters per minute to a maximum of up to 4,500 liters per minute (90 m3/ hr -275 m3/ hr).

The strainers are all stainless-steel construction and the perforated stainless steel filter screen aperture sizes are 3mm and 6mm as standard. These are very strong mechanical filters built to last.

The self-cleaning filters use a proportion of your pump’s output to supply a feed to an internal backwashing rotor. They are powered by taking a ‘T’ off the already filtered pump output to supply the internal rotors. The cleaning rotors continuously backwash the mesh screen blowing away anything that might cause it to block.

All our filters and strainers use the same patented technology, providing efficient self-cleaning backwash to keep their filter mesh clear. These filters operate at source in very dirty water, reducing the need for settlement tanks or expensive inline filter systems.

There are five models of RF600 self-cleaning intake strainer offering a broad range of capacity. They are used in many industries for all kinds of dirty water filtration.

Specifications 6 models


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