RF300 Self Cleaning Inlet Filter for pumps

Strong nylon or stainless filter mesh
Filters down to 60 microns
High reliability and easy to use
Works with most centrifugal and progressive cavity pumps
33 cubic meters per hour maximum flow
Reduced capital, installation and maintenance costs
Reduces the need for settlement tank

Product description

The RF300 self-cleaning filters and strainers are a mid-range filter, offering up to 150 US GPM or 560 liters a minute. They are tough, versatile, easy to install and require minimal maintenance. They are used across a wide range of industries for all kinds of dirty water filtration.

RF300 self-cleaning filters and intake strainers provide protection against blockage for surface mounted pumps and other connected equipment. These filters can be fitted with coarse stainless steel filter mesh (1 mm – 6 mm), finer sintered stainless steel or nylon mesh screens. Their low intake velocity ensures that, when fitted with 2 mm woven stainless steel mesh, they comply with current European regulations for Eel protection and US EPA Rule 316(b) regulations for fish protection.

Their stainless steel filter cages make them very strong, long-lasting, low maintenance strainers, requiring only the occasional jet wash or filter change (if using nylon mesh) to keep them running.

All our filters use a proportion of your surface mounted pump’s output to supply a feed to an internal back-washing rotor. This supply is taken off the already filtered pump output. The jets of the cleaning rotor inside the filter rotate at about 60 rpm, clearing the whole screen every ½ second. As the cleaning mechanism is on the filtered side of the screen, debris in the water will not obstruct the mechanism.

Approximately 16% of the pump output is required to supply the cleaning rotor.

For a larger capacity check, our RF400 self-cleaning filters deliver up to 1000 liters per minute, and we can custom-build larger self-cleaning filters to your specifications. All our filters and strainers use the same patented technology, providing efficient self-cleaning backwash to keep their filter mesh clear for a range of flow rates.

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