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RF100 Duplex

RF100 duplex: inlet filter (strainer) product

RF100 duplex: inlet filter (strainer) product

RF100 duplex: drawing side

RF100 duplex: drawing side

RF100 Duplex: Self Cleaning Inlet Filter for pumps

Product Description

The Duplex self cleaning inlet filter uses a portion of the pump’s output to drive an internal backwashing rotor. The twin jets of the cleaning rotor rotate at about 60 rpm in each filter head. They clean the whole screen every ½ second. Approximately 20 – 25% of the pump output is required to supply the cleaning rotor.

For a larger capacity (up to 90 litres per minute) these filters can be combined in a triple headed version that uses the same technology and filter cages, giving 50% more the flow rate.

For a smaller capacity (up to 30 litres per minute) is on offer a single RF100 filter, the strainer uses the same technology and filter cage, giving half the flow rate.

As the cleaning mechanism is on the filtered side of the screen debris in the water will not obstruct the mechanism.

Specifications RF100 Duplex Models



  • Material: Nylon mesh
  • cage: Polypropylene

General Specifications

  • Mesh sizes: 60 μm, 115 μm, 250 μm
  • water supply: Tapped from pump outlet
  • Connection main: 1 1/4” BSP male
  • Connection Backwash: 3/4" BSP male

Specifications metric

  • capacity: 60 liter / min 3.6 m3/h
  • Backwash: 12 l/m, 0.72 m3/h
  • size mm: 125 (w) 234 (l) 220 (h)
  • weight: 0.4 kg

Specification imperial

  • capacity: 16 gpm 960 gph
  • Backwash: 3 gpm, 180 gph
  • size inch: 4.9 (w) 9.2 (l) 8.7 (h)
  • weight: 1 lb