Oxiti Industrial oxygen concentrator

Oxiti industrial oxygen concentrator

8 LPM industrial oxygen concentrator
High quality Japanese components and assembled in Japan
Microprocessor controlled
Low operating cost
Transportable design
Easy to install and maintain

The Oxiti industrial oxygen concentrator uses pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology. Air holds 3 major gasses, 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen and 1% argon and an oxygen concentrator removes nitrogen from air.

Acniti uses a high-quality compressor in the oxygen concentrator, the compressor compresses over 100 liters of air per minute. The compressed air feeds into an air-dryer to remove all the moisture and other impurities. After the air-dryer, the air flows into one of the two oxygen sieves. In the sieve, nitrogen molecules stick to zeolite under pressure and oxygen passes through the sieve and flows to a small storage container. When the oxygen sieve saturates, and this happens in a matter of seconds, the solenoid valve system will switch to the second sieve to repeat the process. The first sieve than depressurizes and the nitrogen purges out of the sieve and the oxygen concentrator. This process is constantly repeated.

The oxiti uses quality components from Japanese and American manufactures in a rugged aluminum casing. The quality components ensure a long life and easy maintenance with standard components. A lot of oxygen concentrators developed for the healthcare market are for home use and lack the strength, environmental design, and durability of the industrial oxygen concentrators. The industrial designed concentrators have larger and easy to wash and inlet filters. Another focus point is the air drying after the compressor. Water attracts easily to the zeolite. Once the water attaches to zeolite, the zeolite is no longer able to hold the nitrogen and the sieves need replacement. 

The oxygen concentrator unit contains a pressure gauge which enables the user to check the pressure at the inlet of the nanobubble generator, the oxiti supplies a pressure of 70-100 kPa, when higher pressures are required, for dissolving larger quantities of gasses more efficiently please check the oxiti booster



Oxiti Industrial oxygen concentrator specifications 2 models



industrial oxygen concentrator with booster

Oxiti high pressure oxygen concentrator

Supplies additional outlet pressure to the oxygen concentrator


acniti is a manufacturer of nanobubble equipment and industrial oxygen concentrators. acniti specializes in the sales and marketing of nanobubble technology.

Nanobubble technology is the next revolution in water and liquids to change their properties by dissolving gases to enhance biological processes, to innovate cleaning and disinfection in a wide range of applications.


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