EBARA product are designed and built to achieve the highest level of reliability, guaranteed by rigorous, quality control programs and testing throughout the entire production cycle. The stainless steel electric pumps are developed by using fully robotic processes that optimize handling of materials, enabling quick changes to production lines, and ensuring high levels of line quality control and standardization.


    These processes combined with construction techniques acquired from the Japanese parent company, EBARA stainless steel electric pumps stand out all globally for our unmistakeable hydraulic design. The greatest commitment is for absolute quality. They continuously combine experience with research for true innovation in their two production plants in Veneto (Gambellara) and Trentino (Cles).


    EBARA production processes are carefully structured to optimize the quality and reliability of our products. The Cles production line is fully robotic and automated and is designed to maximize the use of the raw materials. Products are manufactured to the highest efficiency and levels of standardization, minimizing the energy consumption.

    # مایع مشخصات فنی 50 هرتز60 هرتزHead
    0حداکثر ظرفیت پمپ لیتر250
    1حداکثر ظرفیت پمپ گالن66
    2Liter per minute @ head150 17   Meter
    # برقی مشخصات فنی ---
    3فاز الکتریکی ⌀ ولتاژسه فاز (3 Ø) 230-400 ولت 50هرتز
    4آمپر1.7 آمپر @ 400 ولت
    5مصرف برق750 وات
    6Pump house materialفولاد ضد زنگ SUS304
    7طول سیم برقبدون سیم برق متر
    8ورودی آب11/2 اینچ
    9مجرای خروج آب11/4 اینچ
    10Dim. (w) x (d) x (h) میلی متر165 x 379 x 192 6 x 15 x 8
    11وزن11.2 کیلوگرام25 پوند