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high-concentration GaLF

High concentration ultrafine bubble generator, producing the highest concentration of bubbles in the industry. Creates billions of nano bubbles in water.

river megaerator

Ultrafine Bubble Monitoring ALT-9F17

Low cost Ultrafine Bubble Monitoring ALT-9F17 system, to measure reliably the concentration of ultrafine bubbles (nanobubbles) in your water.


The RF400 self-cleaning filters and strainers are for use on the suction side of surface mounted pumps. The RF400 is an extremely tough stainless steel basket filter that protects pumps and other connected equipment from blocking and binding. It can be fitted with tough nylon filter mesh or stainless steel screens and can filter from 60 microns to 6mm. The RF400 can handle up to 1000 litres per minute. The patented self-cleaning mechanism in the filter provides a continuous backwash keeping the filter mesh free of weed and debris. The filter self-cleans whenever your pump is in operation and provides a very efficient low maintenance solution to pumping water contaminated with suspended solids.

RF100 Triplex

The RF100 Triplex, triples the capacity of the RF100 self-cleaning filter to a maximum usable flow (of 90 litres per minute). The RF100 Triplex self-cleaning strainer comprises three self-cleaning filter heads which keep the filter mesh clear, preventing the filter from blocking, protecting the pump and other equipment. It is easily installed to your pump's inlet pipe and is robust and reliable. The filter can be used for many domestic and light industrial applications where there is a need to filter water contaminated with suspended solids. The filter's self-cleaning mechanism works as long as your pump is operating.

RF100 Single

The RF100 Single is the smallest self-cleaning inlet filter (strainer). It filters up to 30 liters / minute and is designed to protect pumps and other equipment. This robust and reliable filter is easy to install. It's compact, lightweight and has simple connections. Great for gardens and light industrial applications where there is a need to filter water. The strainer uses 20 - 25% of the pump's output drive the internal back washing rotor, cleaning the whole screen every ½ second. Debris, wildlife and suspended solids are kept clear of the filter mesh.

Young plants growing with turbiti nanobubbles for better results

Acniti partner Foreport in Taiwan conducted a vegetables young plant cultivation trial, irrigating with oxygen nanobubbles. The nanobubble irrigation water had a DO of 20 ppm versus the regular irrigation water which had 6.8 ppm. After 6 weeks results were taken it was concluded that the crop treated with nanobubbles was 25-30% heavier. The nanobubble irrigated crop also had a better developed root system which will lead to less root diseases and better survival rates during hot summers.

Testimonial Japanese flower grower nanobubbles

In Aichi Japan 3 flower growers are interviewed about using the acniti nanobubble generator. The testimonials are recorded in summer of 2019.

Video ultrafine bubble sensor ALT hardware explanation

The installation and setup of the ALT nanobubble sensor is easy. The movie gives an overview of buttons and connections.

Ultrafine bubble generation

There are various technologies to generate nanobubbles (ultrafine bubbles). This article gives an overview of the most used techniques, such as pressurized dissolution, static mixers, and rotational flow.

ISO fine bubbles

Great things happen when the world agrees, fine bubbles are an innovative technology, but without proper standards for the industry development, there are obstacles. From 2013 ISO started the creation of an International Standard for fine bubbles popularly know as nanobubbles.

High concentration UFB selector

Selecting a nanobubble generator can be a daunting task when you are new to the technology. In the following article we explain the differences of the various units. This helps you to select the best nanobubble generator for your research, application development or ultrafine bubble production.