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Thanks for your interest in acniti, for the use of our brand resources we have a few guidelines. Please take moment to familiarize yourself.

  • Primary Font Logo ITCBauhaus-Demi
  • Secondary Font pay off Helvetica World ("Accelerate Growing with UltraFine Bubbles")
  • Text in Helvetica World size 11
  • Color Dark Blue #0b55a3 --> RGB --> 0, 79, 146 --> HSB 208,100%, 57% --> Lab 33, 0, -44, --> CMYK 100, 77, 14, 2
  • Color Light Blue #72c6ef --> RGB 114, 198, 239, --> HSB 200, 52%, 94% --> Lab 76, -18, -29 --> CMYK 50, 5, 0, 0
  • Color Light- Blue #86d3f9 
  • Color Light+ Blue #67b6dc
  • Pay off with logo: "Accelerate Growing with UltraFine Bubbles"
  • Slogan: "Accelerate Growing with UltraFine Bubbles"

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